More Deets On Former Kansas City, Kansas Cult Leader Misdeeds & Legal Repercussions

From the smarter readers among our blog community, here's an EXCELLENT round-up of a recent case involving a dude who got scary faith journey start right here in the metro . . . Read more:

Woman Trafficked by Cult Is Awarded $8 Million: 'They Took My Childhood'

Kendra Ross's human trafficking story started in 2002, when she was 11 and forced to cook, clean and provide child care for the United Nation of Islam Inc., a cult in Kansas, court documents say. At 12, she was moved from her mother's home into a household of female members of the cult.


  1. That's cute. A self righteous, self appointed black "religious" leader with a slave. Public outcry?

  2. Nothing new with that, there are no known instances of Whites enslaving Blacks in Africa.
    Whites purchased all of their Slaves from Other Blacks or from Arabs (you know, Islamists and all that).

  3. Brad Wanna Be Bitt5/26/18, 5:38 PM

    Read about the MK1 Ultra experiments being performed on young kids by the corrupt CIA in the years past,,,

    you'll have to research it on YOU TUBE or google to find documentaries about it

    also don't forget Holly'weirds recent exposure, with that actress Allison Mack involved in some weirdo' Sex Cult !!

    Also any cute Hott Blonde chicks with MONEY,, I'm available if ya wanna play

    Just sayin' ,,,, :)


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