And he didn't even bother to wear a tie whilst he did it.

In a saccharine statement that still cast blame on others for hot mess. Eric Greitens cited efforts "designed" to put pressure on him, his family and others for his resignation.

Fox News: Missouri Gov. Greitens resigning amid sexual misconduct scandal


Today I'm announcing that I will resign as Governor of Missouri effective Friday, June 1st 5pm.

I came to office to fight for the people of Missouri. To fight for the forgotten. I love Missouri and I love our people. That love remains. I am thankful to all those who have worked beside me, sweated beside me - Those who gave their time, their energy and their precious resources so that we could pursue our mission of taking Missouri in a new and better direction.

We have accomplished a lot together. I am proud of you and I am proud of all of our work.

The last few months have been incredibly difficult for me, for my family, for my team, for my friends and for many, many people that I love.

This ordeal has been designed to cause an incredible amount of strain on my family. Millions of dollars of mounting legal bills, endless personal attacks designed to cause maximum damage to family and friends. Legal harassment of colleagues, friends and campaign workers - And it's clear that for the forces that opposes us there is no end in sight. I cannot allow those forces to continue to cause pain and difficulty to the people that I love.

I know and people of good faith know that I am not perfect. But I have not broken any laws or committed any offense worthy of this treatment. I will let the fairness of this process be judged by history.

It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as your governor. Traveling this state I have talked to many of you who harbor extraordinary anger at this ordeal and for those who have pushed and promoted it. For those who would be moved to vengeance, let us allow history and God to bring justice. We must, as we have always done, work to improve the lives of those around us. This is not the end of our fight. I will always be a fighter for the people of Missouri.

A great deal of work is left undone. The time has come though, to tend to those who have been wounded and to care for those who need us most. So, for the moment, let us walk off the battlefield with our heads held high. We have a good and proud story to tell our children. Let's love them and each other every day. May God continue to bless you and to bless the great state of Missouri. 

A few things . . .

He's still blaming other people for his drama. He talks about an ordeal "designed" against him but nobody forced him into alleged "sexy workouts" with some hairdresser in his basement. In his final statement and throughout this episode the Guv has never really accepted personal responsibility for his failings.

Weird line about people taking "vengeance" -- From what we've seen there are very few people other than anonymous trolls or paid staff willing to stand up for the Guv.

Here's the most important part . . .


The Super-minority did nothing but offer a bunch of bumbling statements and a prosecution so incompetent that it only served to incriminate himself. 

Greitens attempted to play the bully with GOP colleagues and that was the start of his downfall. Blaming everybody from George Soros to the victim of his alleged "sexy workout" was nothing more than a desperate tactic of a dude who knew he didn't have a lot of options other than resigning given public speculation about the sordid deets of an admitted adulterous affair.


STL Public Radio: Greitens resigns as governor of Missouri

KCUR: A Brief History Of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens’ Troubled Few Months

CNN: Embattled Missouri Governor Eric Greitens resigns amid scandals

Huff Post: Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Resigns After Sexual Misconduct, Campaign Finance Allegations

PBS: Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens resigns amid widening investigations

KSHB: Lt. Gov. Mike Parson will take over after Greitens resignation

Statement from Jackson County Democratic Committee leadership regarding Eric Greitens: "Good."

Developing . . .


  1. Good for him.

    He finally did the right thing.

  2. All Hawley's fault. He stabbed Greitens in the back!! RINO!!!!! Muslim Brotherhood member!!!!!!

  3. Sad day for Missouri!

  4. Why does the left side of his face droop?

    If he weren't the governor, I'd think he was a meth head.

  5. Sad day indeed for Missouri.
    Sadder for Greitens as he still doesn’t think he did anything wrong.
    The subpoena issued to show possible foreign money must have put him over the top- plus the blistering attack from former Trump guy in DC who said he is hurting the Trump agenda. Maybe the Fonald called him.
    Either way- he is out and he burned enough people they will still investigate investigations with investigators who will Be challenging his investors and...
    He still is not contrite. Wonder how he keeps from going broke?

  6. Welp, there ya go. I voted for him (with nose held as we still knew he was a dem), and supported the fact that no illegal acts were committed during his tryst. However, from day one of the confide app crap, to the potentially illegal campaign donor lists, that was where the problems were to be found. His arrogance in those areas specifically probably put the hounds on the scent. Those that wanted him gone, finally got to him when they started focusing on actual issues rather than just morally corrupt behavior (though I suppose a lot can be said if you don't respect yer wife, can you respect the taxpayers).

    Now, Lt. Guv, lets get to friggin' werk!

  7. If he wasn't guilty of taking funds from his charity and using donors names for fundraising for his election run then why did he freak out so much when a judge ordered him to answer questions and turn over all paperwork. So much for being innocent. All he did was take a page out of Trumps playbook. Just like Trump saying if you take the 5th you're guilty and Giuliani saying trump would take the 5th. Damn that swamps deep and drains to the sewer.

  8. It would have been funny if he'd worn a tie made of duct tape

  9. TKC comment ref5/29/18, 5:10 PM

    And 5:07 wins it.

  10. Hey 5:13....Comparing people to monkeys is only a problem when the person is black. Really makes you think.

    1. That is very insulting to monkeys.

  11. The perv Republican Governor is gone.


  12. In all seriousness, we need the State Senate and House to QUICKLY pass legislation giving Governor Parson the right to, with the "advice and Consent" of the Senate, name a replacement for the Office of Lieutenant Governor. This should be done before any moves are made to terminate the current "special Session".


    Nail hit squarely on the head there!

    Dummocraps can’t do anything right.

  14. What happened? I thought he was innocent? I thought he would be vindicated? I thought he would vanquish his foes? What’s going on? Could we be living in an echo chamber here on TKC? Have we all lost touch with what’s going on in the real world? Maybe Trump really is fucking the country up, maybe he’s a terrible person too?

  15. Maybe Greitens can take over for John Goodman when Fox News picks up "Rosanne" to add to its evening lineup.

  16. Yep, we can say bye-bye to another lying, thieving, criminal conservative. We could have had an honest gov, but instead, we chose the GOP. Now we just have to get rid of that POS in the White House.

    Let's make America Honest again.

    1. Like Hillary? That kind of honesty?

  17. GO NAVY! Make SEALS proud.

  18. @ 5:35 How the hell can you blame this on the Democrats?
    The Missouri Legislature is GOP controlled, and Grimy-tens only resigned when the Legislature (GOP, remember) started looking at his thefts from the Charity he had "severed all ties to"!

    Sure, his first prosecution started with charges filed by a Democrat, but that prosecution was dropped after a GOP-appointed Judge made a ruling of questionable legality that would have allowed the Prosecutor to be called as a witness by the Defense.

    The (GOP-led) House Committee then took up that felony charge as well as the other three possible felonious charges, and the result was … RUN FOR THE HILLS BOYS, THEY'S A-GITTIN' CLOSE!

    (Oh, and it wasn't Obama's fault, either!()

  19. 5:46 get rid of the lyin, cheatin pervert dems and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    Suck it bitch! Lol!

  20. I wonder what they came up with that made him resign, he beat everything else

  21. MAGA, shit, America's already GREAT!
    !!- MAHA -!!

  22. Watch now for the lawsuits to start flying.


  23. Funny how the Clinton can do illegal foreign money laundering through their blubber lip daughter Chelsea "Hubble" Clinton and get by with it. But Greitens was harassed so bad it tore up his family.

    Josh Hawley is a RINO and so are a lot of other so called Republicans.
    Congrats to Josh Hawley and the RINO's Clair McCaskill will win big. Don't expect anything to get better, only worse.

  24. At least Tracy can (hopefully) shut her yap and get some sleep now.

  25. Tony: Why didn't you use the ubiquitous nuclear explosion pic?!


  26. Thank you, Governor,

    McAsskill lost her only issue against Hawley -- she's toast.

  27. "I have no intentions of resigning," said Representative Bob Burns, an Affton, Mo. Democrat. in the wake of resignation calls by the House Minority Leader, house and senate members, U-S Senator Claire McCaskill and State Auditor Nicole Galloway.

    Same song, another democrap

  28. The party of family values strikes again. Look on the bright side Republicans, he wasnt caught making sweet love to a man like most married Republicans are.

  29. 7:17, ya got that right! :-)

  30. Told you so.

    Got along without him before we met him, gonna get along without him now.

    DeBergerac is on point, since this has never happened in Mo, the Mo Constitution left a loophole, forgot to name a process for either an appointment or election of a new Lt. Gov. when Parsons takes over.

    I wonder if Sheena will stay with Eric. This narcissist without remorse is useless to her now, she will never be first lady, and she is an assistant professor. She can support her two boys by herself, without this cheating schmuck.

    I also wonder if the Mo. legislature will now file a NEW suit to discover the secret illegal funding of Greitens' campaign. I hope so. Was it foreign? Russian? Monsanto? It must be "awkward". Big! Bad!!!

    Today's suit was dismissed when Greitens agreed to resign. But the public still needs and deserves to know about illegal campaign fund sources. Or it will happen again. That scrutiny should not go away, just because Greitens cried uncle ten minutes after the Cole County judge rightfully ruled for disclosure--he struck a deal and resigned!

    And gosh, Eric, I didn't hear you apologize to KS, who you also hurt and who never wanted this publicity. Virtually everyone in the Central West End knows Katrina's last name. I figured it out months ago, just reading the state hairdresser licenses. I just refuse to print it.

    Her life was ruined by this cheating McRapey Governor, and her equally disgusting vindictive ex-husband. She is now a full time college student raising her kids by cutting hair.

    1. You are a weirdo deluxe. I don’t care what’s going on with Greitens because I, like you, live in KS. But your caterwauling “I wonder if Sheena will leave him ...” You’re like the Gladys Kravitz of blogs. What’s it to you if she does or doesn’t leave him? How will it affect your life? Goofball.

  31. ^^^ Tracy for the win.

    She knew the guy was a skeeve.

    He needed to resign, his own party hated him. That's what needs to be emphasized. He was not a good republican!

  32. 'Good Republican'? They still have those? :-)

  33. Thank you, 7:39pm. It's been a good day.

    Greitens was a skeeve.
    Roseanne was a skeave.

    Jeff Henry and Schlitterbahn, with Tony's help, you're next.

    And Kris Kobach--with the help of smart Republicans in the Ks. August primary, you need to be retired as well. Re-elect Governor Jeff Colyer.

    Yes, 7:42. There are still good Republicans. Including Jeff Colyer and Congressman Kevin Yoder.

    There are good and bad folks in both parties. I urge TKC readers to volunteer for good people, because in this climate of hatred and trolls, it's very hard to get good people to step up and file. Especially for KCMO City Council.

    If you want change, do something. Not just comment anonymously.

  34. Tracy, got along without you before we met you, gonna get along without you now. Go away Tracy, KS is far from innocent and you're completely out of line by stating other wise. I wish someone would sue your mouth shut. To bad the HOA you live in didn't do just that.
    By the way Tracy you hateful witch, you live in Kansas and had nothing in this fight at all other than your insane need to stick that ugly ass nose of yours where it don't belong.

    Your day is coming lady and when it does I'll make sure Kansas City knows I had told you so.

    1. 7:54 thank you ! She is mad because of her two bit blog. Your friend Walter B. No brag just fact.

  35. 6:03 pm asked the question I have. Why today? He was swinging at everything that was being thrown at him. Why stop now?

  36. Tracy the lady who supports Congressman Kevin Yoder who went skinny dipping at a holy site while in office. But that is ok to her. Sounds like more condescending trash talk from a huge nobody. Yes I called you a nobody. Walk up to 100 people on the street in Missouri and I doubt any of them would know you anymore than they would know me. I thought Byron was a heinous person but you have him beat hands down.

    7:59 is right what happened, I think he had this beat. Or is he going to rally and come back at people in civil court as some else mentioned.

  37. 7:59, Tracy just told you--Greitens cut a deal, that by agreeing to resign this coming Friday, they will withdraw the current suit.

    He's hiding in a foxhole, like Saddam Hussein, hoping nobody comes after him.

    It was a calculated cowardly move, hoping to save his marriage and save his ass, by resigning. But this won't go away.

    They just need to file a NEW suit. Today's ruling was on a suit exploring impeachment. So he dodges THAT bullet. But a new suit can be filed, or a special investigator can be named, to research the campaign violations. And those WILL be prosecutable against Eric "Foxhole" Greitens long after he has left office.

    Thank you, Tracy for woman-splaining this!

  38. 4:47 - You must be a Fire Fighter, because that was some intelligent shit you posted !!

  39. Hey Republican bashers, Trump is the President of the United States, You hate him I know, but only because your bitch Hillary lost, and her crooked and ugly ass would have made you more lazy and entitled than you already are. See Trump is a arrogant prick but he is proof where you get in life is how hard you WORK for it!! And I know the history of Trump, I know his dad gave him a easy start but I also know he went bankrupt at one time but he fought to get it all back, most of you dems (not all) Just fight for handouts, and bitch about EVERYTHING!!! YOU spend all your time trying to justify how everyone else owes you something! Get off your ass and earn what you have, If you earn it you own it and wont bitch about what you dont have!! GROW UP!!!!!!

  40. Lil' Eric can't be trusted to run a bingo hall at the VFW.

  41. Why do I expect to see him in Roseanne's old time slot?

    New for Fall 2018 . . . Eric Greitens as "The Bachelor."

  42. No money no honey Eric. Don't want your love.

  43. All I can say is . . .The Emission Continues

  44. Tracy’s right all along about the Guv.
    What she missed?
    I am guessing Trump or one of his cronies called him- “take a walk Eric- you are fucking my agenda up -you are putting Hawley in a bad spot- get out or we have Snowden get the Confide stuff”.
    And it’s not close to being over- ol’ Eric burnt a lot of bridges with his fat mouth- they won’t quit until he is broke and with Blagojevich.
    More investigators investigating investigations ... and now he has no investors.
    His new book?
    A DJ and a BJ: How I blew the Presidency
    What happens to all his elected supporters that failed to see the writing on the wall and supported him despite a credible witness who was taken sexually advantage of?

  45. Senator Hawley

  46. 8:53 does it hurt to be that stupid? What about gullible? Trump "worked for it" bullshit. He was given everything. It is well documented had Trump just put daddies money in mutual funds he would be far richer than he is today. Everything Trump touches turns to shit. His casino in Jersey lasted less than a year! Who the fuck goes broke running a casino? Trump is nothing but a conman that cons easily-led, gullible people such as yourself.

    1. Lots of casinos go broke you dipshit. Do your home work.

  47. 8:37, look at is face; look at his eyes.

    It looks like a Salvador Dali painting.

  48. Senator Hawley???

    How is he winning a GOP primary after pissing off the vast majority of Republican primary voters?

    Attacking your own Governor does not win support from the base.


    TracyT was all about her clever tagline "Gov. Duct-tape"...BUT...that's not why he resigned! Team Greitens successfully demonstrated that charge was B.S. Kim Gardner is an embarrassment to the legal profession. She got smacked down majorly!

    When they could see the "50 Shades of Grey" fabrication was falling apart, then they started snooping around into his campaign finance related dealings. It usually ends up being about money.

    Eric Greitens versus MO Democrats + many MO Republicans + MO and national liberal media = just a wee bit lopsided

    Liberal Democrats are inherently stupid, so they don't know better. On the other hand, talk about finding a way to screw up your 2016 landslide sweep of statewide office, MO Republicans who refused to support Greitens are now responsible for opening the door for McCaskill, and any other 2018 loss of strength.

  50. 10:42 makes a very good point!

  51. Ghost of Greitens5/29/18, 11:24 PM

    I'll be back!

  52. @ 10:23 - Hawley did just as most of the spineless Republicans in the House and Senate in Jeff City did.

    He will be ok with the GOP and Claire just lost the biggest thing she had to bang Hawley with except that thing between her legs.

  53. Finally, we can have faith in the Missouri Republicans again. We did the right thing by forcing him out.

  54. Agree with a lot of the comments here, the resignation actually hurts Claire McCaskill. She was really running her campaign against Greitens and not Hawley.

    Love him or hate him, Hawley did the right thing by opposing the Governor and getting on the "right" side of this issue.

    It would look horrible for Senator McCaskill to try to use this to her advantage.

  55. Good riddance to the perv Guv. Maybe now we can start thinking about something besides his wang and focus on policy.

  56. They have my vote5/29/18, 11:57 PM

    Trump/Greitens 2020?

    Probably not but that's what it's coming to in this county. So divided that we really can't see beyond party into what's right.

  57. The tactic deployed by the George Soros funded democrats was clearly a witch hunt. They went after something that was not criminal but juicy and like the lemmings most people are they got a big reaction and just kept hammering their false message. And the fake news media just sucked at the democrat tit.

    I fully expect this is not the only thing like this you will see leading up to the fall elections. Mark my words, they will try to take down another Republican official with the same tactic.

    They have been hammering Trump for 18 moths since he had a resounding win over the bitch good ole what's her name. I think it is time for the Republicans to grow a set and play them at their own game.

    Do you know why there is a 3.9% unemployment rate? Because all of the demporcats living in mommy's basement and refusing to get a job.

  58. ^^^ You lost me at Soros. Did Soros control Schaaf and cause him to stir but a hornets nest of hate among Republicans for Greitens?

    B.S. on that Democrat conspiracy -- Really doubt that some international billionaire gives a rat's ass about what happens in Jefferson City, Missouri. What's more likely is that Greitens was reknowned for his cheating so it was easy to catch him in a scandal. His alleged problems with his charity were already part of the public record years ago.

    Blaming Soros is scare tactic and it only works on most gullible people out there, and I doubt most of them even bother to vote.

  59. So is he not going to be President?

    I thought he was going to run with Trump?

    Weird how that didn't work out.

  60. Prima nocta KC5/30/18, 12:10 AM

    And so my sovereign ruler has submitted to defeat. Yay our land was too cursed with this so called "liberty" and "equal right" for a nobleman such as good sir Eric to rule in a matter befitting his achievement and insatiable desires.

    But fear not.

    The mission does in fact continue!

    We've got until Friday to party like a rock star and then we shall regroup and battle for an even better office.

    See you beaches in 2020!


  61. ^^^ Silly-ass keyboard hater. Don't be so obvious. You know this scandal was the highlight of your pathetic year so car.

  62. @11:40 said, "Hawley did just as most of the spineless Republicans in the House and Senate in Jeff City did."

    So you admit he did the spineless thing and you think he deserves a promotion?!?!? Bullshit.

    You don't send RINOs like this to DC to Drain the Swamp. This is how we get Senators like Roy Blunt who continue to spend like we're Greece and fully fund Planned Parenthood again this year.

    Hawley stabbed Greitens in the back. Guarantee you he does the same to Trump if given the chance as Senator.

    There are several real conservatives in the August primary.

    Anybody but Josh.

  63. 7:52, Tracy, poor KS knew she was tucking a married man. She is just a little slut. I don't feel sorry for that bitch.

  64. Greitens was a Democrat and very very recently turned Republican.
    RINO or turncoat or mole?
    Or just changes his mind ?
    He said drain the swamp and then got elected on dark dark dark money.
    Perhaps ago will mellow him out into contrition...until then maybe shooting some guns into fish ponds will help him and his supporters.

  65. 11:58 way to fall for page two of the Republican deception playbook (page one is foreigners and gays). Soros is your boogeyman and the Republican way of blaming everything on Jews while not saying Jews because Soros is Jewish. Also, 100% unemployment is impossible. You learn that day one of Econ 101. Get yourself some education different from Fox News. And don't deny you don't get everything from there, your Soros argument is a dead giveaway.

  66. Greitens stepped in one pile after another. Campaign money, Macho posturing, sexual dalliance, Non of that stuff sticks to your shoes unless you start walking around on some ones white rug, shouting "It ain't my fault."

  67. Look at This https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-lesson-of-eric-greitens-and-the-navy-seals-who-tried-to-warn-us Seals talking about Seals.


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