Missouri B-ball Racial Drama Settled For $50K

The Deadspin scribe nails it:

"No better way to spend $50,000 of public funds than on a petty beef between two public university employees that make a combined $3 million in salary and deferred compensation per year."

Read more:

The Dawn Staley-Missouri Beef Is Finally Over, And It Will Cost Mizzou $50,000

South Carolina women's basketball head coach Dawn Staley settled her lawsuit against Missouri athletic director Jim Sterk on Thursday. The decision comes four months after Sterk went on a radio show and accused the Gamecocks coach of promoting a hostile fan atmosphere-back in January, when the two teams played at South Carolina, Missouri players reported being called the n-word and spat on by the home-crowd fans.


  1. Why do taxpayers have to pay for him running his mouth?

  2. ^^^ Good question. I hope it comes up at his employment review.

  3. I'm glad I kept my MU license plates on my car and continue to support Mizzou sports. There's really no reason why I should try to save face after all these years of controversies surrounding the University. I will gladly continue to spend YOUR TAX DOLLARS to patronize MU athletics. I hope you don't like it. If you have a problem with me, I am a MoDOT traffic expert in St. Joseph.

    1. by “controversies”, you mean race hoaxes, and please, work on your self esteem.

  4. Missed you Joe. Hope all is well.


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