Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Meth Town Burger Stand Celebration

Kansas City's most hated foodie takes a road trip and comes away with high praise for this old school drive-thru. Checkit:

All the Yums - Mugs Up

We here at All the Yums, Inc. are always on the lookout for new food. Mostly because in our minds, there's nothing worse than eating the same, available nation-wide, tastes the same in every city, food day in and day out. The Gods blessed this world with the ability to make some crazy delicious things.


Anonymous said...

If you haven't tried this old school place then you're missing out.
I'd suggest the Whiz burger, chili cheese tots, wash it down with some homemade root beer and a Black Cow for dessert.

Anonymous said...

It does look like the type of place you gotta check out.

Next time I'm over that way I'm stopping at it.

Thanks for the article TKC!!

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh. How have you lived here this long and not "checked it out?" LOSER.

Ruddy Guy said...

Ugh, pedophile^^^

Anonymous said...

10:13 is a loser.

Hey, I live on another part of the city jag-off I don't live in meth city Independence like you punk.

Let's get it on!!