Messy Downtown Kansas City Streets Putting Both Pedestrians And Drivers At Risk???

Here's a look at increasing urban core street life danger as drivers show no mercy and grow increasingly frustrated with a maze of poorly managed roads and constant construction. Take a look:

Man in wheelchair killed in hit-and-run, Kansas City police seeking car & driver

Kansas City, MO - A man in a wheelchair truck by a hit-and-run driver near 11th and Charlotte has died. Police say Phillip M. Noel, 50, was crossing 11th St in a motorized wheelchair in a marked crosswalk when he was struck by a white sedan.


  1. Hard to see when on the phone with dark tinted windows and a sub woofer rattling their illiterate mind.

  2. Takes a real lowlife to run over someone in a wheelchair.

  3. I had to travel KCMO streets today and and I would rate them less than adequate at best. The lack of street maintenance is very evident. The streets I traveled are very rough, full of potholes, and in some cases the manhole covers were at least 4 to 5 inches below street level.
    Mayor Slie and his cronies need to allocate some resources to street maintenance and forget about the new airport for a while.

  4. Agree with Dave. What a scumbag to run over somebody like that.

    I see TKC changed the link. The guy in the wheelchair died.

  5. Remember they want us to ride the train not walk.

  6. You got a fucking toy train, brand new airport most citizens didn’t really want, and your PIAC funds so to be diverted to the new Broadway Bridge. Quit bitching.

  7. What is a wheelchair truck? Regardless, I do not think a crippled man should drive any type truck otherwise we'll see more of these disasters.

  8. Ahh, temporary tags, the dead giveaway of the stolen car with some local diversity driving it. Those tags are sure to be stolen or fake. The black male driving this car has abandoned it minutes after he killed that person. Said black male will never be caught, just like the killers of Jonathan Porter and Jeffery McDonald, both killed in black-on-white hate crimes.

    1. ^^^^^ Excellent and correct assessment ^^^^^

  9. City inspector5/14/18, 11:09 PM

    Did the wheel chair have working brake lights and headlights and a train horn

    clear violation of KCMO Code section 1432.11.7

  10. I was behind a car on 71 highway today with temp tags that expired in June...of 2017


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