Mayor Sly Vs. The Revs: Who Will Win???

Credit where it's due, this Kraske column is only slightly cringe-worthy . . . Check racial politics and intercultural conflict as reported by a liberal middle-class white guy from Johnson County:

Mayor Sly James vs. the ministers: KC debate over Martin Luther King Jr. is far from over

Mayor Sly James keeps poking the bear. And now, the "bear" - that fellowship of highly influential black ministers in town - is white-hot angry over the mayor's handling of the ongoing effort to name something after Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. Paid for by the committee of common sense people5/24/18, 7:33 PM

    Should be what people of all color and races want not a few Revs and some black so called leaders that couldn't make a fudgesicle melt on a hot August afternoon want.

    MLK in short did nothing for Kansas City far as most know was never even here. Many other local people worthy of having something named after them did. Leave the name we have now alone it's how everyone who travels by air knows it by.

  2. Fuck the fat fake fried chicken -eating revs. Name Brush Creek after Martin Loser King and that’s it.

  3. What, if anything, did MLK do that would merit naming anything after him? Have a dream? Seriously, what did he accomplish?

  4. They are all black,how could they lose?


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