Monday, May 14, 2018

Late Night Contemplation: Kansas City Connected To Fight For Israel

Far above the pay grade of this blog but still important to consider, here's a quick bit of perspective for the local late night along with insight into Kansas City's place in the world.

Take a look:

Fox4: President Truman’s declaration of Israel decades ago has special ties to Kansas City


May 14 was a historic day in Jerusalem for the second time in history as President Trump made good on his controversial campaign promise. The United States opened its new embassy in the city.

It's a move protested by Palestinians and comes 70 years after the recognition of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

President Harry Truman became the first president to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. On the anniversary of that decision, archivists at The Truman Presidential Library & Museum reflected on Truman's historic decision to recognize Israel -- and how one Kansas City man helped him reach that point.

A draft of the declaration sits in a display box at the museum with "the new Jewish state" lined out in pencil by Truman himself and replaced with "the State of Israel." It was signed and decreed three years after the end of World War II.

"He realized that this is a moral imperative, but it's also a humanitarian one," supervisory archivist Sam Rushay said. "About 6 million Jews had been killed during the holocaust. The people that remained needed homes after World War II. They didn't want to stay in Europe for obvious reasons."

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You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Hope more locals understand KC history in this conflict. Trump did the right thing but I'm afraid the fighting is going to get worse and the sympathizers with terrorists in the U.S. should really do some research before they throw their ranks in people who would want the Israel's destruction.

Anonymous said...

Translation: It's not "progressive" to wish for the demise of the only real Democracy in the middle-east.

GoJo said...

^^ Not much Democracy for the Palestinians.

Reader said...

^^^ Won't argue their plight but think about this: Look around at the Arab world and see how religious minorities are treated in other places. Do a little reading and look at Christians being slaughtered in Iraq and Egypt. Whereas there are 1,658,000 Palestinians in Israel representing 20.7% of the country's population and they have equal rights under the law.

Again, I invite you to do some real, objective research and reject so many conspiracy theories we see in the media.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing to celebrate today.

A collection of false prophets tried to convince Christians that the US embracing of Jerusalem is part of their pure vision of the impending Second Coming. These Zealots are exactly who Jesus warned his followers about.

The fake religious leaders were a collections of conmen and haters with long histories of insulting and bashing Catholics and Mormons as Satanists, Islam as endorsing pedophilia, and Jews as going to Hell.

True religious leaders are embarrassed by what happened today.

Shame on evangelicals who celebrate these heretics. You will have much to answer for.

Barney Frank said...

Religion is a fraud

Anonymous said...

They weren't kidding when they said "give em Hell Harry" he was one of the worst presidents. Funny that he remains a local hero.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Who is "they" claiming Harry was one of the worst?

Truman was a real MAGA President. Ended WWII. Created good jobs with good wages. His oversight committee charged war profiteers with crimes.

He had balls and the buck stopped with him.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Israel hating SJWs realize that the very processor in the computer they are typing on could have been designed in Israel.

Anonymous said...

The shootings weren't a good look but it's amazing that in this day and age there wasn't a more effective form of protest advocated by the so-called Palestinian leaders who keep their nation in poverty.

Anonymous said...

Man, I think Barney Frank nailed it. Seems to me the majority (not all) of the world's problems start and end with religion.

Anonymous said...

Israel is a criminal apartheid state. AIPAC and Jewish politicians control our government.Trump has shown himself to be a Zionist puppet. Fuck Israel.

Anonymous said...

Israel receives 8.5 million dollars a day while most of our cities are broke or in debt. Every American killed in action since 911 has died fighting Israel's enemies. Fuck Israel.

Anonymous said...

Make Israel Great Again.

Make China Great Again. We have to save their cell phone jobs.

Make North Korea Great Again. We're going to help them build their economy.

Make Syria, Afghanistan, Niger, Yemen, Iraq Great Again. Trump's surge strategy is sending more troops everywhere.

Tax cuts to make multinational corporations great again.

Trump bailed on us and made America last. There is no MAGA. Trump is a fraud. Where is that new wall??

Anonymous said...

bess truman did not jewish folks in her house, that means neither did her husband. Was absurd to give europeans the most contested piece of real estate in world history. Despite jewish delusions, the land was not given to be 'nice' to those for having suffered but to simply concoct a western stooge for western economic interests.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Truman too was a murdering piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Why to you hate America?

Love it or leave it.