Ted Nugent is on tour this Summer for fans who want to hear his two decent songs from the 70s along with a pretty good guitar solo from an early 90s hair band hit.

But Mr. Nugent is actually more famous for his fiery rhetoric like this gem . . .

Rolling Stone: Ted Nugent Threatens to Kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton During Vicious Onstage Rant

And then his comments on a more recent controversy:

The Hill: Ted Nugent criticized for circulating conspiracy theory about Florida students

And today's comments join a chorus of right-wing personalities talking about a reboot disaster:

TD: Ted Nugent defends Roseanne Barr’s racist Twitter tirade

And all of this background for a fun fact . . .


Special thanks to our blog community for the note . . . Not even sure if this comes from a supporter or detractor but notice that we're the only "newsish" outlet that even references anything related to music and the firebrand talker.

To be fair, here's the notice and more info:

Ted Nugent is coming to Kansas to support Kris Kobach & Wink Hartman!

Join NRA Board Member and Singer/Songwriter Ted Nugent Saturday | June 23 in support of Kris Kobach & Wink Hartman campaign for Governor & Lt. Governor


*Limited availability*

Includes autographed photo with Ted & Kris and reserved front section seating closest to the stage

Sit near the stage to hear Ted Nugent perform for the crowd.


VIP Reception | 2:00 PM Event | 3:00 PM

Lenexa Community Center
13420 Oak Street
Lenexa, Kansas 66215

You decide . . . 


  1. Sorry that you hate Uncle Teddy Tony, but he has a lot of fans in fact way more than you do so cut the guy some slack and just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

    1. I don't hate him or anybody really - Except improv groups.

      Just pointing out that SecState Kobach has recently disavowed racists and extremists AND THEN follows up by announcing a collabo with a guy known for his divisive rhetoric far more than his musical skills.

  2. ^^^^^Well I don't agree with Uncle Teddy on everything but then I don't agree always with everyone I know either.

  3. Sorry, its hard to respect somebody that shits and pisses in his pants for a week in order to get a "4-F" Draft status, then wraps himself in the Flag to sell CDs and Concert Tickets.

  4. Well, Kobach knows his base. He's a very smart guy and I wish him well.

  5. If Obama and the Democratic Caucus and Progressives get to hang off of Louis Farrakhan's nutsack, then we should be able to cue up a little Cat Scratch Fever.

  6. Roseanne is white, so, she can't make the same kind of jokes that black people make every day. It's tough to keep track of what is permissible on a day to day basis on Social Media.

    The Politically Correct Overton Window moves at the whim and caprice of our Thought-Leader-Commissars in the 4th Estate, The Deep State, Hollywood and Academe. What was a previously overlooked venial sin just one year ago, is now punishable by time in the Social Media Stocks, loss of income and future and disgrace in the streets. The Left killed, with prejudice, their own better angels just prior to inducing the right, to assassinate their own. FOX News is a behemoth, but cowers before the aggregate power of the Main Stream Media, who in combination with the heretofore mentioned Fascist organizations that determine the mood of the zeitgeist, is fighting a losing battle against a superior foe, with superior fire power. Roseanne is just the latest ex post facto victim of the howling mob.

    Prima Facie, Trey Quisling Gowdy, jumping through hoops in a paroxysm of sophistic deconstruction explaining, as did James Clapper, that “Spies” are a “Good Thing”. The power of the Megaphone, incessantly repeating Progressive talking points and diktats, will, like Chinese Water Torture, bend us all to the innate power of the new Imperium.

    It’s like the guy, whose wife comes home, catches him In Delicto Flagrante. He repeats, again and again, a thousand times, as his paramour leaves, he showers up, his wife berates him and day turns to night, that she didn’t see anything and it’s time to catch a good Charles Boyer movie.

    At some point in time, we all, will just say to ourselves, “Forget It Jake, It’s Chinatown.


  7. I find that there's hypocritical things done on both sides and I don't agree with a lot of what some people are doing and saying, but remember how divisive Obama was with his bigotry about Christians calling Jesus a radical, and his antisemitic actions toward BEBE, and his intolerance toward people who didn't agree with Islam. Same goes for Hilary with her calling some people homophob's, when she herself is a racist using Robert Byrd as her mentor and being the head of the Fulbright foundation. Also Obama's racist statement typical white women about his Grandmother who took the time to raise him. I don't agree with The Nug when he blows off steam and doesn't think first but this thing has gone both ways.

  8. I’m with chuck on this one!

  9. If Kobach can get some endorsements from somebody who had a hit this century, he would be assured an even bigger win!

  10. Government records show Nugent originally got a student deferment in 1969 (not exactly befitting the gonzo reputation of the "Motor City madman") and when student deferments were ended, he got a 4-F designation that he was "not qualified for military service," which could be for medical or mental reasons.

    The whole point of bringing this up is to tar Nugent as a hypocrite since he now supports the U.S. military and various wars. This rings false.

    Nugent was a teenager when he came up for the draft. To hold somebody at age 69 to what they believed at age 18 or 19 is itself hypocrisy because no one would ever hold themselves to that standard.

    In the overall scheme of things, what progressives think of a 69-year old rock icon doesn’t matter much. But this is a good example of how the Left will take a set of facts and twist them until they bear no resemblance to reality. So, here goes…
    Ted Nugent registered for the draft and got a student deferment in 1969. When his student deferment ended, he received a 4-F designation as “mentally or medically unfit for service.” During the Viet Nam war, a war despised by the Left, 9,120,000 young men received the same deferments as did Nugent.

    Nugent complied with all conscription policies, never left the United States, never failed to register or comply with any process related to the Draft.

    Progressives are also fond of the story that Ted “crapped in his pants” to get his 4-F. You can’t get a 4-F by crapping in your pants. This ridiculous story stems from a joke Nugent made to High Times in 1977. Ted says the reason he failed his “fitness for duty” physical is he was doing meth. Which story sounds more likely to you? A rock musician failing his medical test as a result of drugs or failing it because of soiled underwear?

    So, is The Motor City Madman a little intense, a little out there? You decide.

    Bill Clinton went to great lengths to avoid the Vietnam-era draft, that he used political connections to obtain special favors, and that he made promises and commitments he later failed to honor, are all beyond dispute.

  11. ^^^ Ted Bonespurs

  12. ^^^ !! KAZINGA !!

  13. 10:58 - So is it ok to call Uncle Ted a pedo as he was known to enjoy the company of underage girls or is it ok now because all the girls were formerly underage. The point is, if you're going to wrap your self in the flag as someone who will do anything for their country (including murder the current President and his Secretary of State), you better be pretty bullet proof in your behavior. Unfortunately, this is today's Republican party. No, not everyone but it seems a pretty good majority are flat out weirdos with conspiracy theories abound - see Chuck above.

    Essentially Kobach has hitched his wagon to this bullshit weirdo stuff (I'm still in shock that this moron somehow got a law degree from Yale). We'll see where Kansas lands on it.

  14. ENUFF BIG NASTY ALL AROUND!5/31/18, 9:43 AM

    7:43 It's okay to call Hilly-Billy Clintoon and other DEMOCRIMS' pals, who frolicked at the convicted pedo Epstein's private island, weirdos and pervs. Huma's sicko husband,
    Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner, sending pics of his dick to an underage girl is likely one of many DUMMOCRATS that should be convicted of sex crimes.

  15. Oh great we have a potential murderer, after all the school massacre that have happened in the recent months and a racist supporting Kris Kobach for Kansas Governor. And we thought Sammy destroyed our state, God help us all!!!


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