Friday, May 11, 2018

KCKPD Felony Battery Redux

For our late night news denizens . . . Check this leftover link from a story earlier in the week but probably the definitive summary concerning an embattled department:

KCK Officer charged with felony battery after allegedly beating suspect

A Kansas City, Kan. police officer is charged with allegedly beating a man he was arresting. Sgt. Brandon Holloway is charged with felony level aggravated battery. According to court documents, the crime allegedly happened two days after thanksgiving in 2017. Holloway was charged on January 19.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with cops beating inner city hood rats. They need to do it a lot more than they already do.

Anonymous said...

Guess that the cops need to get inclusion and diversity training to respect the sensitivity issues of the Killa city douchebag pieces of shit inner city youth scholar's hood rats ?

Car Jacker TYRONE said...

Soon the LAW will require that Criminals / Suspects be chased down with nothing more than "Cotton Candy" !!

While the rest of YOU Victims of the criminals, remain victims and with NO due course of real Justice !!

ain't the pathetic Democratic Liberal Party - Grand - in their criminal coddling bullshit !!!


11:48, Crimmies coddlers, yep. That's what crook liar Hilly put on the national stage with the thug mommas lineup. That stupid stunt had to cost many votes, especially by the police and their friends and families.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the criminal who was just in a rolling gun battle gave up easily, and the beating was unjustified. Treat 'em like a king or they will continue to resist arrest and make it worse for everyone. This story proves the police need more time at the range to improve accuracy.