As church attendance declines and overall the U.S. moves away from organized religion, this KCK cleric hopes to reignite vigor for his faith community.


The Leaven: Archbishop calls for a second ‘great awakening’


"Racial tensions remain high in many cities. One third of American children are being raised in homes without their biological fathers. The legal status of more than a million young people who were brought to this country as children remains in limbo. In Massachusetts, Illinois and the District of Columbia, Catholic Charities is no longer able to place children for adoption.

"Our nation continues to give legal protection to doctors and organizations that profit from the killing of more than one million innocent unborn children. There are efforts in the courts and some state legislatures to coerce Catholic hospitals to perform abortions.

"Unfortunately, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the serious threats to the well-being of our nation. However, the most serious crisis for our country is none of the above, but, rather, a God-crisis — a crisis of faith."

Take a listen.

You decide . . .


  1. Keep the faith Arch Bishop. If America does not repent and submit to the Lord almighty we are going to be given over to ourselves and suffer way more than we are now. Chaos and more chaos all around us due to sin and more sin. Wailing and knashing of teeth due to sin. I’m the biggest sinner of all but I know my better and that is the Lord. When the Lord comes back the second time he ain’t gonna be carrying no flowers because it’s judgement time. Wow it’s gonna be terrifying and wonderful.


  3. LORD in the Name of Jesus5/27/18, 7:48 AM

    Thank God for all those that survived on those Hi-Jacked Jetliners that flew into the World Trade Centers on 911

    as well as those in the OKC Bombing

    as well as those killed in all these automobile accidents

    and shootings

    and Drug Overdose Deaths

    We know the Fantasy Make believe story many of you seem to believe in, like a Pacifier !!

    NOW send them your MONEY, which is really what Religion is about, its like fools Gold !

    Who can forget the Jim & Tammy Faye Bakers Scandal of the 1980's and how much MONEY they swindled out of everybody !!

    Whoops , wasn't supposed to bring that up, they were hoping people wouldn't remember that, kinda blows their fantasy and illusion wide open huh ???

    OK, I'm done preaching

    Thank You, God Almighty himself - GOD !!!

  4. Wow, this fellow at least cares about religion.

  5. Thank you, Archbishop.

  6. What does he think about the Justus-Bardwell gay wedding. Why does the new wife, look just like the old wife?

  7. I see the tyranny loving Kansas City atheshit coalition is out in force. Duck You Josh.

  8. Hey Bishop, wake up!
    Even Ireland has now dumped the Catholic Church on the ash-heap of History, go find another job!

  9. @ 721 - Go ahead and tax religion. That will kill small independent religions and churches and displace all of the so called Reverends of the Black community. I don't think that will help those communities of people that need and seek and deserve some moral guidance.

    @ 748 - Yes bad things happen, but those things were man made not God made. You have free will and that is why we have school shootings and rape and theft and murder. Remember Jesus (an historically proven person) promised us that there is life after death and an eternity without the bad things men do to their fellow man. See how the world has "improved" since we took prayer and moral teaching out of our schools, not.

    @ 910 - This is because the millennial generation in Ireland get their news from outlets like CNN, NBC, CBS and the major news services like we do. Women overwhelmingly have abortions as birth control when the best birth control is available free...just don't participate in unmarried sexual relations, or use birth control. The influence and pervasive use of sexual content in advertising, movies and the desire of someone to do anything to get ahead in their professional lives clouds good moral judgements. Also more and more genetic testing is used to see if the child is perfect or of a particular gender. I am sorry for Ireland it is a bad path.

  10. @ 9:28, I'm the person who posted at 9:10 - for 2,000 years (actually more like 1,700) the Christian Religion has been trying and failing to impose a "moral code", and has failed miserably. The concept of "free will" has ingeniously been developed to explain why an All-Powerful Higher Power fails to keep evil out of the World, but avoids the reality of life.

    In replying to @7:48 you blame current happenings on our "taking prayer and moral teaching out of our schools", but I've asked older people as well as younger, and have yet to find a period in the last or current centuries when "prayer" was officially IN our schools. Perhaps in the 1910's, but it certainly wasn't there in the 20s, 30s, 0s, 50s, 60, 70s, 80s, 90s, or since then. Of course, there is and always has been prayer in schools, usually at "test time", but never in an official capacity.

    I personally am very opposed to Abortions, but I try to live in the World as it is, and therefore support sex education, starting in probably in the second grade, free on-demand, and no questions asked Birth Control (much less expensive than paying for Child Welfare), with Abortion as a last alternative, but still preferable to an abusive childhood.

    As far as taxing religion, I support freedom from taxation for the Church building, possibly for an associated School and "Vicarage", but see no reason for exempting all the other Church-Owned Property from taxation, especially those that are profit-making.

    I realize and support your freedom to believe what you will and worship as you will, but the Christin Religion has a miserable history of trying to impose its beliefs upon other by force, and I strongly oppose that.

    Oh, and I am not an "atheist", I believe in the existence of a higher power, as this Country's Founding Fathers did, but also agree with them that we may not be capable of understanding that Power .

  11. @ 910 - Thank you for your reply, some good points there for sure. It has been 2000 years that the "Christian" religions have supported the moral code you reference. Before splinter groups of atheists, and I never said you're an atheist, targeted prayer in school the moral fiber of the country and the world has been disintegrating over the past 60 years or so. It didn't happen overnight. The first 1900 years of Judaeo-christian moral values served the world well. It is not God's plan to tell mankind how to act as a race of beings and control your will. You have free will and so does each of us.
    Keep in mind also that the term "prayer" is inclusive of moral behavior and teachings and is not just saying a prayer.
    IF you're personally opposed to abortion then it can't be restricted as a last alternative. It is wrong period. These people that say well all except for rape and incest but the fact is as I understand it is probably not the cause of a pregnancy. Could it be, yes. I do not condemn women that have abortions but I do not condone them either.
    I agree with you on taxation but if someone thinks it is necessary, go ahead.

  12. Hey Tony: Forward all of these comments to Planned Parenthood.

  13. The question still is....why does your god kill babies inside their mothers?
    Is god testing the parents?....or the baby?
    Is it god's will to see how much pain and agony the baby and family can take?
    I'm waiting for the excuses.........we all are.

  14. Look around dude, god does not give a f__k about humans, we don't deserve it.

  15. Embracing mythology is not the way to sanity.


    Earliest man needed some construct to help him explain and control the mysterious world around him. What did thunder mean? When to plant crops? Why this? Why that? Of course, like today, there was always someone to provide answers. Mostly bullshit of course, but when combined with the threat of a non extant everlasting hell, or worse yet, torture by the fine folks in charge, God's the crutch he came up with!

    From that point on, the shit hit the fan with everyone claiming his version is the only right one, and if you don't like it, he'll kill you.

    I could expound on this at length. As our knowledge of the physical universe expands, more religious beliefs succumb to modern physics and science. To keep this short, only one example: the "Church" once insisted the planet Earth was the center of all things. Finally debunked, but indicative of myriad other mistaken beliefs which endure to this day.

    Often, church's do good things at the social and real world level, but when they venture into the unknown, claiming to be the voice of "God", they fail utterly to secceed.

  17. Dirty pedophile. Who wants to hear morality from a man who buggers little boys?

  18. Jesus thinks your a self serving asshole.


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