KC Royals Class Of 1970 Remembered

#TBT nostalgia and just a bit of team & KCMO history for perspective. Take a look:

Here are your 1970 Kansas City Royals

This is the second part of a series of looking at each of the early Royals teams. After a surprisingly successful debut season, the Royals brass hoped to take another step forward in 1970. The year started with a bang for Kansas City sports fans, with the Chiefs winning their only Super Bowl title on January 11th.


  1. Will the 2018 Royals manage a better winning parentage than the 1970 team ?

  2. ^^^ Good question.

    That team had a record of 65 wins and 97 losses.

    This year I think the Royals will lose 100 games. So '70 team was probably better.


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