Kansas Legalizes CBD As Cannabis Reform Moves Forward In The Sunflower State

The road to legalization starts now as one of the strictest states in the nation is forced to back down amid market pressure.

Great reporting on this topic: 3 Things To Know About The State Of Cannabis In Kansas

And then a fun link:

Kansas Legalizes CBD Products for Adult-Use Sales - News | MERRY JANE

Cannabis reform is coming to Kansas, but there won't be any dispensaries or grow houses opening up in Topeka or Wichita. Instead of a restrictive medical marijuana program or all-out legalization, Kansas has legalized non-psychoactive, hemp-derived CBD products for adult-use across the Sunflower State.


  1. Everyone in prison on marijuana charges is a political prisoner, because it wasn't made illegal for medical, or scientific reasons, it was made illegal for political reasons.

  2. If the stuff is not psychoactive, why take the shit?

  3. Because it allegedly reduces pain and inflammation, the two main causes of disease...

  4. Rather, I should have said two main SYMPTOMS...
    Pain is a symptom. the body's shorthand for needing attention to an area in distress.

    Inflammation is a trigger...for many many diseases. One of the main ways the medical community diagnoses ailments--look for elevated temps, signalled by inflammation.

    CBD oil is palliative for many issues. Finally, the Ks. Legislature got woke to this and got off its high horse of ignorance and its obsession with interfering with the health of its taxpayers. Let doctors of all types support their patients' wellbeing. We don't need uneducated state legislators getting between the doctor/patient relationship. For ANY condition, not just pregnancy.

  5. ^^^^^^^Spoken like a true pot smoker.

  6. Kansas actually did something that can be considered progressive, unbelievable !

  7. 1:59, absolutely not true. You don't know me in the least. Never a "smoker", tho I did eat a few capsules or brownies in the 70's...when supplied by a boyfriend. A news producer celebrity boyfriend who I broke up with--because he was addicted to pot. And intended to buy it here and use it in MY home, when I had taken an oath as an elected official to honor the laws of Kansas.

    I never bought it ever. Last year in Colorado, I tried one of the new ingestables. FAR stronger, alarmingly so. I could barely navigate from one room to another. By the time I made it to the kitchen from the family room of a friend's, I just grabbed the entire bowl of fresh chocolate chip cookies and toddled back to a sofa for the duration of the trip-- because the journey was too disorienting! My hostess asked, OK, now what's the score of the Chiefs v Denver, and I replied, "Who cares? Look at my hand!"

    For me, that experience has made me reconsider the wisdom of retail legalization of regular cannabis. I would never be able to drive under that. And I fear the roads would be dangerous. The dosages are too strong.

    Law enforcement is wisely working on a test administered on a tablet, watching a video to see if a driver misses the highway exits--and at what speed they travel. Both are issues. Because there is currently no way to measure presence in the blood stream like there is with liquor, re blood alcohol levels. Some people can function on it, certainly not me. We are a long way from legalizing it safely in Kansas. Tho I do think imprisoning people is a dumb idea. And it is meted out unfairly.

    As for 3:07, yes, a progressive act. Just as was compensation for people falsely imprisoned, just signed by Gov. Jeff Colyer last week. Respecting the little cited 6th Amendment will be wildly expensive. But it is the right moral thing to do. Moreover, this penalty cost will surely reign in prosecutors in a rush to a conviction so they can get re-elected on law and order platforms. Two good things! In one month!!!

    Which is another reason I support Jeff Colyer over Kris Kobach. IMHO, Kobach is a headline-hungry, obsessive narcissist, as was disbarred Phill Kline. As is Missouri's megalomaniac, Eric Greitens. Both states need to move to the center--and leave folks alone in their bedrooms. (and basements?)

  8. Um..I am pretty sure that they don't want to get into your bedroom.

  9. Yes Tracy spoken just like a true pot smoker never admit anything but then admit you did do something STFU. 1:59 was correct along with 5:37

  10. Good decision by Kansas! Thank you Tracy for the explanation!

  11. Yeah, we need really old white ladies to tell us what to do.


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