Kansas Koch Bros. Cross The Aisle Amid Republican Immigration Crackdown

An inherent conflict that has always kept the GOP from making any "progress" on their immigration agenda . . . The talk a good game but corporate donors know that real change conflicts with their bottom line.

An important report that's local given the Red State influence of these major donors. And/Or THIS is why Kansas SecState Kobach loses his election. Take a look:

Breaking With Trump's GOP, Koch Brothers Praise Democrats On Immigration

The Koch brothers are going rogue. For years the political network funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch funded politicians on the right, laying the foundation for the libertarian causes the two support. Their support has gone almost exclusively to Republican candidates, with rare exception.


  1. If the Far Right Wingnuts have finally become so distasteful that they're driving the Big Money away, the Republican Party in in very deep fertilizer!

    This may signal a swing back to the time when this Country was really prospering, with the Moderates in control of both Parties.

  2. Big business and big rich businessmen love to exploit cheap Mexican labor.

    To "Break with Trump" they have to had been with him which they never were. They are the original and biggest "Never Trumper's"

    Rumor has it that they both voted for Hillary.

    They should go back to counting their billions.

  3. I wonder how many illegal aliens Nancy Pelosi and the Koch brothers brought in? Anybody? None? Didn't think so.

  4. ^^^I wonder how you managed to score internet access. Being as you are a full blown retard and all.

  5. It's funny that liberals have consistently criticized and lampooned the Koch Brothers and complained about their funding of Republican campaigns yet now they hypocritically are all too happy to get their greedy hands on money from them.

  6. Funny how the Republiturds never criticized the Koch Brothers until there was some money donated that they didn't get their Greedy Old Pervert hands on.

  7. Yoder will continue to play both sides.

    Keep taking the Koch money, telling the MAGA people he is with Trump on immigration, and then keep working on Syed Jamel's visa & citizenship to stay in Kansas.

    Who is his primary opponent?


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