Kansas Hates LGBT Adoptions???

Advocacy perspective on this controversial legislative move that is undoubtedly headed for legal challenge. Read more:

Kansas Governor Signs Anti-LGBTQ Bill | Human Rights Campaign

Today, HRC blasted Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer for signing a patently discriminatory bill, SB 284, which is a license to discriminate with taxpayer funds against prospective LGBTQ foster or adoptive parents, single parents, or other qualified families. Kansas and Oklahoma are the only two states this year to allow anti-LGBTQ legislation to become law.


  1. It probably is not a good idea for queers to adopt kids even though they have good child rearing skills. A kid raised by queers would almost certainly grow up to be a faggot as well.

  2. Orphans have it rough enough why hang a fag parent sign around their neck ?

  3. ^^Your parents failed.

  4. ^^^^^No it was yours who did

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  5. It's not an anti-LGBTQ bill, it's a religious freedom bill. They can't force you to give into the LGBTQ ideology if it is against your religious beliefs.
    It is about time!

  6. While mental illness is not contagious, these people have no business raising kids. Any lifestyle that causes your species to go extinct is unsustainable.

  7. It's not about religious freedom. You assholes have no idea what that means. It's about making Christianity the State Religion.

    It's about hating.


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