Kansas Gives Away Nearly Half Billion Bucks: NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

A look at how/why political connections drive biz. Take a peek:

Kansas has authorized 1,000 no-bid contracts worth a half-billion dollars

Kansas agencies skipped the state's competitive bidding process more than 1,000 times over the past eight years, gaining permission to spend $550 million on no-bid contracts and purchases. The state has approved $115 million in noncompetitive transactions already in 2018, far outpacing the past few years, according to records obtained by The Eagle.


  1. Just For the Record5/21/18, 6:10 PM

    Ha Ha like Kansas is the only government guilty of this.

  2. No, but Kansas is one of the few States with so little respect for its ordinary citizens as to make no effort at all to hide this sort of misfeasance.
    "Piss on you little people, we in Topeka do what we want!"

  3. ^^^^^^^Very stupid comment while ignoring the facts made by 6:10

  4. Kansas Taxpayer5/21/18, 11:58 PM

    Pretty sure 11:26 is right on the money.

  5. They should at least pretend that they are not corrupt.


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