Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

Springtime for the Kansas City discourse reveals some surprising feats of rhetorical strength and EPIC comebacks which, very much like the newsworthy hotties featured above, leave voters bracing for impact as politicos battle it out.

Let's take a look:

Guv Greitens Always Comes Out On Top

He won't confront donor list charges and a flimsy case against him was dropped this week. Moreover, an incompetent prosecutor claims that Team Greitens threatened to "ruin" her.

And so, from Jeff City to KC to STL . . .GOVERNOR ERIC GREITENS IS UNTOUCHABLE and is thereby the strongest politico Missouri has seen in generations.

At least that's the case at the outset of the impeachment special session.

Show-Me Sen. Claire Pushing Back

Amid the GOP slap-fight over the Guv's troubles. Sen. Claire is gaining ground, campaigning harder than the GOP front runner and raising way more money whilst her opposition shies away from Missouri voters on the front lines.

Council Dude Wagner On The Rise

It was a good week for Kansas City's Mayor Pro-Tem who took the lead on a few important taxpayer subsidy issues and attempts to distinguish himself as Kansas City's only hope for the Northland.

As always . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


  1. I like Scott. He has done a better job than most on council but he faces a lot of challengers in the mayor race and I'm not sure he has what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

    1. Jolie Runs.

      Jolie Wins!

    2. ^^ And Kansas City goes bankrupt.

  2. ^^^^^^ Kansas City is bankrupt.^^^^^^ 3rd grade math can prove that.

  3. Give me a break. Greitens isn't untouchable.

    So they haven't been able to kill him politically. That makes him a zombie or vampire. Indestructible is not the same as powerful.

    His approval numbers are in the toilet. He couldn't help anyone else get elected with his endorsement. He has no party support. He lost any ability to push for his agenda. He can't fund raise. The legislature has ground to a halt.

    I guess if you consider being toxic the same as being powerful, OK. Governor Legitimate Rape is your guy. But get real, he has no real political power left.

    He isn't just letting his ego hurt himself, he is hurting the state.

    Maybe conservatives don't believe that or care, but additionally, he is hurting his party. If you need proof, just watch how the Senate race unfolds later this year. Maybe that will finally get the attention of conservatives to push him out.

    Swing voters don't support toxic parties. Defending Greitens at this point will mean you end up stuck with Claire for 6 more years. Is he worth it?

  4. Thank god, maybe this will shut Tracy the hell up.

  5. A huge amount of money has gone to the east side and the council has been dominated by the load voices from east side districts. In the mean time, areas such as the north and west sides of KCMO feel that they have been ignored.

  6. ^^^ The north and west sides don't feel they're being ignored - they ARE being ignored!

    Far too much attention is still being paid to downtown, with the east side getting almost all the "left-overs". Perhaps it's time for the Northland to seriously get behind the idea of de-annexation from the City.

  7. McCaskill wants to distract everyone from the Mike Sanders scandal and her connection to it. If McCaskill and Sanders were Republicans, the Star and every other media outlet would have whole investigative teams digging into it. Did McCaskill receive campaign donations from her crony Sanders with the illegal money? Did she ever receive campaign donations from Harvey Weinstein? Why is she having fundraisers in Beverly Hills?


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