Friday, May 11, 2018


An interesting week in the Kansas City discourse and underneath the surface we notice local volunteers and advocates emboldened and upping their level of commitment to their communities.

Accordingly, here's a quick glimpse at the strongest community groups in Kansas City.


Clay County Audit Petitioners

An upstart Kansas City metro effort demanding accountability offers one of the most encouraging examples of local civic engagement that we've seen in 2018. Under the radar, Clay County has seen a litany of political turmoil and feuding that culminated in an embarrassing public battle over a $600 coffee machine. And so, this group of community volunteers has stepped in to petition for an audit and encourage politicos to work more effectively with one another.

Cultivate KC

This group is launching an upcoming urban farm that will provide jobs and food for the inner-city. Amid the growing season, this good-natured "eat your veggies" effort provides one of the few things on which most locals can agree.


From "Ban The Box" to Housing reform via an upcoming landlord crackdown . . . These social justice activists have increasingly worked to influence City Hall policy by way of community organizing in the urban core for both better and worse.

As always . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


Anonymous said...

More audits please!

Really the last option to get Kansas City government back in line. Clay County is doing good work, now we need the kc water department to meet with an independent state audit.

Everyone said...

+100 ^^^

Barney Frank said...

I literally sat and watched 7 water dept.employees stare at a water main break gush for 25 minutes yesterday,the dedication by said employees made me so honored to be part of our diversity explosion that links us as a nation!

Anonymous said...

Just remember that groups like MORE2 have NO responsibility for any negative outcomes of forcing their agenda on cowardly electeds.
So keep them in mind when we're reminded of why such things as indicating a felony conviction on job applications were instituted in the first place.
Also, let's not forget the east side revs as "power players".
Their intimidation tactics got Forte' a top law enforcement job.

Anonymous said...

Really? A $100K duplicate audit over a coffee pot? If everyone brings in their own coffee now, wouldn't it pay for itself? Sounds like someone has a bigger agenda.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeway regularly attacks Nolte on this site, but all he's trying to do is curb some of the more outrageous actions of Luanne and her hand puppet Gene.
Ever since the "Queen of Smithville" joined forces with the "Mormon Mafia" the County's Treasury has been a playground for the Forces of Greedville!