Kansas City Super-Rich Biz Dude Connected To Iran Hot Mess By Sketchy MSM Reporting

Here's politically motivated journalism that's only marginally connected to this town.

To be perfectly honest, this "news" is above TKC's pay grade and might as well be written in Greek as far as this street blogger is concerned.

The report offers a great many implications, suppositions and inside baseball but doesn't really have any impact on the day to day life of the average working stiff -- The whole point of "news" after-all. . . Anybody who feels like they can make the connection or sense of it, feel free to direct us to an appropriate insight - But mostly this kind of content simply provides inspiration for social media circle jerks among faux experts writing from small desks or break rooms at box stores.

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The Mysterious Tale of a Powerful American Businessman, Three Sanctioned Iranians and an Imprisonment in Tehran

Now that the Trump administration is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, the story of these three Iranians' buying spree, and Farhad Azima's involvement in it, might preview a not-too-distant future in which the regime's sanctions-evasion and money-laundering schemes will kick back into high gear.


  1. Sort of a meandering hodgepodge of an article with a stop off at Turgidville for lunch.

    Mr. Azima must have upset some influential Conservatives, so they ordered a pair of hacks to "highlight" this "Man of Mystery" who seems to be playing the International Business Game pretty damn well.

    Don't know him, but kudos on his making it as a Capitalist!

  2. That article can meander with the best of them. To sum it up: a business man in America did business with other scheisters in a country that is rife with corruption and one of his lackeys was held hostage by the corrupt country while enacting business transactions.

    Same way I wouldn't understand people doing business in Russia or anywhere South of the border all the way to the tip of South America. Those places are corrupt to the core and you have to have a BIG margin and be prepared for losses any time you transact goods or services.

  3. William lemaster, President of Indian Springs Bank was killed when his lincoln hit a rock wall by a monument in Lexington mo, caught fire. Douglas a. Howard former bank VP was killed in 2004 or 2005 when his car hit a subdivision monument and a fire ensued. Douglas was driving to the nearby home of Douglas Haynes, the replacement exec for lemaster. Odd isn't it?

  4. To be honest, don't mess with this guy, "F.A.". It ties back into the Oliver North story, and Oliver is on the comeback trail. Plus Nicaragua is back on the verge of being politically unstable with the USA starting to get involved. Ortega, the original player is President now. Barry Seal is the only one not around to defend themselves. So in the interest of national security, I would think you would avoid this topic. These guys were based in KCMO you know.

  5. Doug Howard the former VP of Indian Springs State Bank was killed near 103rd and Roe Ave, OP Ks in spring of 1995. Car went off road for unknown reason in broad daylight, no witnesses and straight into a big stone subdivision marker. He was about 5 blocks from Douglas Haynes house, who he was going to visit and Haynes worked at Indian Springs State Bank too. Lemasters, the President died in a similar way. 103rd and Roe is near 87th and Roe - the location of F.A.'s home before he moved to Mission Hills. My opinion is the CIA was cleaning lose ends of a story up. F.A. has been a strong supporter of the USA and has helped the government in the past (Iran / Contra). I think he is a good guy and he will remain that way for many years. This whole article should really not be posted on Tonys KC.


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