Monday, May 14, 2018

Kansas City Public Radio Koran Reporting

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True Love And A Love Of The Quran Happily Brings Instagram Sensation To Stillwell, Kansas

Stillwell, Kansas, is an unlikely place to find a Muslim Quran reciter who has over a million followers each on both Instagram and Facebook. But for now, that is the residence and where you can find Fatih Seferagic. When Seferagic was just four years old, his family fled war torn Bosnia.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he’s ready to explode!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he’ll read the parts that says to kill Christians and Jews or read the biography of Mohamed’s violent past. I’m thinking not.

Anonymous said...

Allah sucks goat dick and this guy is a faggot

Anonymous said...

Another Communist catamite from the cult.

KCUR hates us, hates all of America and wants you dead.

Anonymous said...

KCUR is my favorite Mosque.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Old people crying to be heard. Only geezers care about KCUR.

Anonymous said...

Why do they follow a man who married...and fucked...a nine year old girl.

Talk the them in private.

They hate everyone else.

Anonymous said...

The article says he may relocate soon for formal training in "Arabic".

Does that mean bomb making? Or what? Like exactly.

If the fucker leaves the country, then so long. Don't let him back in.