Kansas City Pricing Out Seniors???

We talk a lot about attracting the "creative-class" and Millennials but has the recent luxury real estate boom (powered by City Hall subsidy) made life harder on longtime local residents??? Locals want to know more about the struggles of old school KCMO to maintain a roof over their head. Read more:

KCMO wants input to help solve shortage of senior, low-income housing

Kansas City administrators are trying to come up with solutions for senior citizens and lower-income people who are looking for quality, affordable homes."We're falling behind in a lot of areas," said John Wood, Director of Neighborhood and Housing Services in Kansas City.


  1. "Kansas City administrators are trying to come up with solutions for senior citizens and lower-income people...." Well off senior citizens don't need help from Kansas City administrators, who in any event often cause more problems than they solve.

  2. king sLIE only wants the young and dumb youth who have no clue what’s going on. The youth have already forgotten that they priced themselves out of the city with voting to raise taxes and the poor babies think sLIE is gonna help with a living wage so they can live here. This is just the beginning of the end for poor people of all ages.

  3. Team Slie has the new housing development going on inside the loop. Why will it not work for senior housing. Just checked and rent will mostly ne over $1500 per month. Hardly affordable.


  4. My Input

    Quit giving Hundreds of thousands of dollars to Fantasy illusionary Anti-Crime groups that don't really exist, except in Sly James and Jean Peters Illusionary Fantasy world !!

    Whens the last time anybody seen any of those Anti Crime groups, except at a Press Photo op ????

  5. And how much money did we spend on those idiot council members and mayors trip to Iceland today?

  6. As a senior citizen, I would like to stay in my modest older home until I'm dead. Most seniors would agree with me. They are being forced into warehouses at very high prices. The pretty pictures showing people laughing, playing bridge or golf, sipping wine or eating gourmet meals, are just make-believe for most of us with a modest income. The reality is someone sitting in a room that's hospital sized, staring at the TV or sleeping all day long. These facilities take the money and wait for the person to die. Plain and simple. No thanks for more this type of "affordable" housing.

  7. When I get old in only a few years, I don’t care if my housing is affordable or not. The main thing is living near as many hot young sluts as I can. Right now it looks like I can accomplish that in my current home.


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