Kansas City, MO Starts 'Sister-City' Connection With War Torn Kabul, Afghanistan

KCTV5 offered some insight into the lead up of the news . . .

A better perspective:

Daily Beast: What Did Our Generation Learn in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Here's the press statement:

Kabul, Kansas City enter sister-city relationship - The Frontier Post

Monitoring Desk WASHINGTON: Kansas City and Kabul - separated by more than 7,200 miles - have established a sister city relationship, a move that will encourage people-to-people contacts. Kabul's Deputy Mayor Shoaib Rahim signed the sister city partnership agreement with Kansas City Mayor Sly James on May 15 - a step that will strengthen bonds ...


  1. We have a lot in common with Kabul except the enjoy a higher standard of living and you are in more danger of being shot in Kansas City.

  2. Kansas City has a lot fatter women than Kabul. We have a disproportionate amount of fat obese chicks here.

  3. We should send our wives over there to get their clitoris' cut off. It's a beautiful culture. Just ask Democrats.

  4. Kabul? Awesome. Can't wait to visit.

  5. Let's send Sly, Troy and the whole Council over to Kabul for a six week long "Good Will Tour"!


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