Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Kansas City Midweek Mugshot Roundup

Quick glimpse at recent crime stories worth a peek and influencing our local discourse.

Take a look: 

KCK Slice Of Life: Dude Confronts Serious Doggie Crime Allegations

KMBZ: KCK man charged with felony for allegedly stabbing blind dog to death

Will Styrofoam Cup Charges Stick???

KCTV5: Second man charged in October 2016 fatal shooting in Westport area

Golden Ghetto Mugshot Smile

KSHB: Johnson County parish priest charged with stealing at least $25,000

MSM doesn't remind us of this often but all suspects are INNOCENT until proven guilty.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

A priest? Imagine that! How about the Vatican bank? He couldn't get a loan?

Anonymous said...

....all suspects are INNOCENT until proven guilty.

So, you mean Gov. Greitens must be presumed innocent until proven guilty?
Nearly ALL corporate media have FAILED this test.

Axel said...

That is some mugshot , father fast eddie. As for wyco mercy killer he looks like Jeremiah Johnson a true woodsman.

Anonymous said...

At least the priest didn't diddle anyone.

chuck said...

Stabbed a blind dog to death.

What a piece of fuckin shit.

Anonymous said...

Patricia Lynn Devine fairway mortgage loan officer should be added to list. Lynn Devine allegedly forged and fabricated millions of dollars of va loans while vp of loan dept. At exchange bank of junction city kansas. Loans were sold to other banks and insured by veterans administration and sold to Ginnie Mae. Biggest fraudsters on the planet ms. Lynn Devine aka Patricia lynn Devine allegedly Hooked up with former 1st american title escrow agent kelly lovell now at continental title along with others who expidited scam, allegedly to set up escrow accounts ahead of borrowers loan approval from exchange bank aka 1st national bank and trust of junction city kansas. Loans had different addresses and forged signatures of borrowers even allegedly stealing closing costs paid in full by borrowers then adding them back into mortgage loan and seitvhing interest rate to allegedly conceal fraud. Loans were taken out dozens of times on same homes by fraudsters Lynn Devine allegedly.. amazingly top employees flee exchange bank in junction city. Then lynn devine and start working allegedly with her son at fairway mortgage. Orange jumps suits are in order for these ladies.

Grip Madlock said...

Glad he faces only 30 days because im gonna do the same thing to him,yes thats a threat,shitbag!

Anonymous said...

Great post Tony ! Expand this to once a week with more pics of idiots.