Kansas City Metro Standoff Ends When Shirtless Dude Comes Down Out Of Tree

In nearby rural Missouri a dude runs out of court, leads police on a chase, his car runs out of gas so he takes off on foot . . . Barefoot.

And then . . .

The suspect climbed a tall tree in the area and stayed there for approximately three hours until the standoff ended peacefully. He was booked into jail n $500,000 cash bond.

Come up with a tune & a catchy title and TKC wants co-writing credit for the next hit country song.

Read more:

Man sits in tree for 3 hours after escaping Missouri courthouse

A typical court appearance ended up with an unusual standoff in the Kansas City area.


  1. Bond is kind of high for this hillbilly fuck, don't you think?

  2. Get a rifle with a scope, problem solved.

  3. WATCH OUT FOR THAT...THUD!5/19/18, 4:33 PM

    So, the link doesn't release the guy's name. He's gotta be clumsy George of the Jungle or that toughguy Tarzan.


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