Kansas City Late Night Ruckus Report

An appropriate conclusion for #TBT, the GOLD STANDARD Kansas City political conversation with our 3rd favorite local Latina and all of the classic lines about improving the metro institution of your choice.


"Mike Shanin interviews Eric Bunch, co-founder of BikeWalkKC, about pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in KC. Theresa Garza, Arthur Benson, Patrick Tuohey and Steve Rose discuss the grand jury report on the jail, the new sheriff and the upcoming vote on the charter in Jackson County, Kobach's school funding competition and reward system and debate over the local impact of the Sprint merger."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. It deserves mentioning that Steve Rose is 100% right about Kobach. I know his supporters would like to think that the guy is a lock but he's actually quite vulnerable in this climate.

  2. Nobody watches this. Maybe Tracy, old tight asses that like warm milk. 10 years from now they will all be dead. Sad. True. Steve Rose is a trust fund punk/old guy and everybody knows that.

  3. The exchange between Mike Shanin & Arthur Benson was the highlight of this episode. With Patrick Tuohey chiming in. Really important for Mike to press him on education funding and the comments on both side of the issue were very informative. Smart people watch this program and those people influence government policy. Let the masses watch Dancing with the stars. They don't vote and don't have much say over their lives.

  4. Jr.
    Wrong Wrong Wrong Government policy is influenced by smart people?????? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Really? You, sir.... Are a fucking idiot.

  5. Steve Rose have a stroke lately?

  6. Midtown KC Chester5/18/18, 2:51 AM

    I only watch Ruckus for the tits!

  7. Benson is a Lefist, made MILLIONS off the School District.

    How did that work out for Kansas City?


  8. KCPT welcomes back the grifters.


    BikeWalk KC -- I found this discussion to be rather PEDESTRIAN!
    And why does Eric Bunch have his jaw wired shut?

    On Steve Rose's negative comments concerning the outlook for Sprint: Isn't there something oleaginous about a guy who sold-out his business to The KC Star, now criticizing the Sprint/T-Mobile merger?

  10. Political tit for tat aside, has anyone on this blog actually tried to bike on surface streets? Bike lane or not? We have the worst climate a city could have for biking/walking. Aggressive, idiot, distracted drivers. I barely ride a motorcycle in the loop anymore. Too much chance of getting seriously injured at the hands of a cager.

  11. Come on people it PBS.

    You know the show has to be boring when every week it's the same ole clown faces who as a rule have fucked up their own lives both business and personal. Yet they feel an air of superiority as they judge others and their actions.

    The panel ranks somewhere along with the hater/geezer poster in demonstrating their complete incompetence to lead a fart out of their ass.

  12. 10:04 yes I have noticed all the bicycle clowns who think the rules of the road don't apply to them and then get pissed when they almost get ran over. Add to that the pedestrians who dart out from behind things without looking and act all pissed off when they just about get hit. Better yet the ones who punch the crosswalk light button then right away run across the street while dodging cars before the lights changes or the ones who stand at the crosswalk just killing time as every stops to allow then to cross but they wave you on since they have no desire to cross the street but are too stupid to understand by law you have to stop for them.


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