Monday, May 14, 2018

Kansas City Late Night News Peek

Quick peek at international hottie good life and the upkeep it requires:

SunUK: Iggy Azalea's g-string booty pic will leave you speechless - IGGY Azalea seems to be living her best life if her latest snap is anything to go by.

Closer to home here are a few links worth a peek for the late night . . .

Vital Kansas City Art School Instruction

Children's Mercy Taps Kansas City Art Institute To Explain Science To Kids And Parents

Tell any child that you need her consent to perform an endoscopic biopsy and want her on board with a "future use provision" and see what sort of look you get. Try to convey the same idea to a child and her parents in a West African nation with no written language and you're out of luck.

Close Call For Urban Core Scholar

No injuries following school bus fire in Kansas City

No injuries were reported following a school bus fire Monday afternoon on Cleaver II and Elmwood Avenue in Kansas City. Two students and two adults were on board at the time of the fire. They evacuated the bus after the driver heard a pop. Moments later, smoke and fire occurred in the undercarriage of the bus.

Tough Lesson Learned For KCMO???

Sidewalk project underway in area where boy was struck by car

KANSAS CITY, MO. -- In the area of 107th and Bristol Terrace there are still signs of the accident that sent a six-year-old boy to the hospital last Monday. "That could have been my child," said a man who didn't want to be identified. He heard the car strike the boy and stepped outside.

Show-Me Life Line Up In The Air

Preserve access to air ambulance services in Missouri

Dr. Bill Jermyn had a vision for rural Missouri: extend the quality medical care delivered in urban Missouri to rural Missouri. During an emergency, health outcomes deteriorate when care is delayed. As the medical director for ARCH Air Medical Service, I know this all too well.

Harsh Time For Signature Crop

Drought to shrink Kansas wheat crop to smallest since 1989: tour

MANHATTAN, Kan. (Reuters) - Drought sapped yield potential for the Kansas wheat crop and likely will result in the smallest harvest in the top wheat growing state since 1989, scouts said on the final day of a annual crop tour on Thursday. The crop shortfall could mean higher prices for wheat that would make U.S.

Kansas City Front Office Giveaway???

Did Kansas City Chiefs lose too much defensive leadership?

The Kansas City Chiefs have had one of the most intriguing, and somewhat gut-wrenching, offseasons ... and it's not over yet. I'll go ahead and say it for you: losing Derrick Johnson was heartbreaking. He's been my one of, if not my most, favorite players for the past 13 years.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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Our farmers have become spoiled by 2 - 3 decades of abundant rainfall. But, the natural state of the region is semi-drought, with dry-farming requirements. Do get me wrong, feelsbadman, but the writing on the wall has always been there. I just hope they can get up to speed on the completely different techniques in time. Its already too late now. Our wheat is heading out at 12" tall. You can't really get a harvester on it that short, without picking up a lot of trash material.