Kansas City Faith-Based Anti-LGBT Law Political Slap Fight Continues . . .

Perspective on a controversial measure that primarily serves as election entertainment. Take a look:

Faith-Based Adoption Law Signed, Quickly Becoming Kansas Campaign Fodder

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has signed into law a measure allowing faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to get state reimbursement for placement services - even if they turn away prospective parents on religious grounds.


  1. God doesn’t want faggots to adopt children. They would probably grow up to be queers too and we can’t have that.

  2. Homosexuals rear their children very well

  3. Nice to see Colyer and Kansas Republicans take up the Fred Phelps battle cry of "God Hates Fags" and use it as the basis to enact laws.

    Will that be the official Kansas GOP slogan in 2018? Can't wait for the campaign signs at the rallies.

    They don't realize the vast majority ridicules that kind of ignorance and bigotry. Voters are going to make them squeal like a pig.

  4. The Governors race is shaping up nicely.

    Colyer hates gays
    KKKobach hates spics

    Now that's what I call diversity. Who said the Repukelican party wasn't big tent.

    We have racial and gay bigotry covered. Can we get some old time religious and gender hate going too? Don't want to leave anyone out. I'm feeling especially inclusive today. Let's get together, build a campfire, and sing hymns. Who is bringing the cross?

  5. Once again, Kansas demonstrates why it is America's Shithole.

    The real cause of homosexuality is .... traditional man-woman marriage.

    That is where most homosexuals come from.


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