Kansas City Early Morning Monday

With a cache of hottie promo to back it up, a pop star selling big ladies panties is now online and trending.

Take a peek:

The Fader: We tried Savage X Fenty. Here’s what it’s really like.

Closer to home, we're pulling down some pretty news items to start what should be an exciting week.


Start Of Kansas City Summer

Celebrate the spirit of the season in Downtown KC

The annual Celebration at the Station is the theme of a celebratory week ahead Downtown from Monday to Sunday, May 21-27 - including: Celebration at the Station - The Kansas City Symphony's 16th annual patriotic concert event - set to begin at 8 p.m.

Kansas City Pride Promo

For Pride, Explore the Local Kansas City Queer Scene

Kansas City has, for a long time, be a central point for adventure-seekers. Mayor Vital James has been a longtime advocate for the queer community, and the city follows suit in its lively bar culture, down-to-earth feel, and air of possibility.

Sleaze Scummit Close Call

Family grateful to be alive after possible road rage shooting in Lee's Summit

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- A family of four says they are lucky to be alive after a possible road rage shooting on May 20 in Lee's Summit. The couple says it was a scary situation on a day that was supposed to be one of the happiest.

Working With Lower Expectations

Trade jobs offer career success without college degree

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Many high school graduates already know where they are continuing their education, but there are other options for those who are still on the fence. Romond Holt is the outreach coordinator for the Builders' Association in North Kansas City.

Local Foodie Confessional

Jay Sanders of Manifesto Talks Trader Joe's Wine, Celery Bitters and His Love of Burritos

Jay Sanders doesn't have a long resume. "I don't like to restaurant-hop," he says. "I like to turn my staff into my family." Sanders, who is now general manager at Manifesto, got his start as a server at Room 39 under Ted Habiger and eventually worked his way up to beverage director over almost 10 years.

Blurry Local Early Start

Drying out overnight, fog possible early Monday

Scattered showers possible Sunday evening

Journey Toward Top 100 Defeats

Royals end homestand with rubber-game loss to Yankees

KANSAS CITY - The New York Yankees rightfully lamented a miserable week filled with rainouts, broken planes and a patchwork schedule that forced right-hander Sonny Gray to pitch on eight days' rest. Well, that last bit turned out to be a good thing.

Anderson .Paak - Bubblin is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Didn't that road rage guy honk at the nut in a traffic jam?

    Stressed out people in a bad situation and you do the equivalent of scream at em. Where did he think they were going by honking?

    And he had his family in the car?

    What a fool.

  2. I wouldnt exactly say having a union job and getting union scale wages as lowering expectations, just because some folks sit in ivory towers and make billions doesn’t mean everybody can, college degree or not.

  3. Pride week? So I would ask a faggot, what is it about sucking a cock or getting buttfucked that makes you proud?

  4. ^^^Well ask your dad then Nancy. He knows. Sounds like you're curious.

  5. I would have preferred to have a description of the perps in the car. Were these suburban whites, urban blacks, barrio hispanics? But, but, but why is that important? BECAUSE, it is damned important to know. If it was a car of urban youth scholars, you'd better realize that ANY level of confrontation with people who have zero impulse control is the absolute wrong choice. If this was a car of whites, we need to know as well as they are generally NOT the ones committing gun crimes on the road. Same with hispanics. However, the distinct absence of ANY description generally points to ONE thing. Which, if this is the case, I ask the guy this: W!T!F! were you thinking with your wife and family in the car? Were you going to get out and fight them. Were you raging out because they cut you off (and it would be reasonable). However, if you're going to rage, you'd better bring a gun to a gun fight. Wild West here we come.

  6. ^^^It's only important to losers like you who have a ready made narrative to push. The rest of us who matter, don't care.

  7. ^^^what makes u think u matter?

  8. ^^Your wife for one. She tells me size does matter!

  9. 9:06am and 9:36am, ya'll are downright funny. That's definitely some funny shit.


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