Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kansas City Catholic Church 'Day Of Atonement' Postscript

Insight into the aftermath of a Kansas City scandal. "At the 2016 Service of Lament, Bishop Johnston promised to establish an annual Day of Prayer. The day is not only to acknowledge and atone for the local church regarding the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable people, but also to intentionally pray for the healing of victims and survivors and for protection of all persons from abuse."

Here's the report from this year's event:

Annual Day of Prayer: Atonement, Hope, Healing for Victims of Abuse

"Atonement is about making things right, setting things right. Healing is about making things whole, binding up wounds, trying to make them right as well," began Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. in his homily for the second Annual Day of Prayer on April 26.


Anonymous said...

Why preach a "Day Of Atonement" to the Laity?
Start with the Clergy!

MDLQ said...

Just tell your god to stop killing the babies!...
Just tell your god to stop the birth defects!...
Just remember....T I N G!