Tuesday, May 15, 2018


The news-cycle over the past few weeks and months confirms one truism on which everyone can agree . . . Waiting only makes it worse for everyone.


Uncommon Courage: Why You Should Complain About Sexual Harassment

Regarding the greater good:

"It is worthwhile to complain, not just for one’s own self-esteem, but also to protect others."

Developing . . .


Down with Yoga pants said...

Yes women are these saintly innocent creatures that deserve to be on a pedestal.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes, men are the filthy, degenerate, short-dick, babies who are always right about everything.

Anonymous said...

^^What does it do for you, I wonder? Is it just that someone notices you? So sad.

Anonymous said...


DISCRIMINATION attorney Bratcher encourages you to complain about sexual harassment!

.....in related job security news:

Fire Department encourages arsonists to light up.

Oncology Association not sure that tobacco smoking promotes cancer.

Reconstructive facial surgeon lobbies for airbag optional vehicles.

18th and Vine District requests additional $100 million to turn the corner on transformation efforts.

ToyTrain promoters unveil plan to pay for ridership.

Anonymous said...

@8:18AM-You notice. You care. You respond. I. own. You. No me, no you.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt that you own much of anything. I can tell.

Does the monkey own those who come to watch their antics in the zoo? Think on't. ;)

Anonymous said...

^^and yet here are AGAIN. Like a moth to the flame. You can resist him. He does own you!

Anonymous said...

Like I said, stop acting like you are multiple people. It's weird and makes you look crazier than you are, and you are plenty crazy.

You amused me a bit today, you poor lonely soul. Maybe ine of your friends can take over now.

Oh wait. Sorry, I forgot.

Enjoy your single lonely pastime, weirdo. I may not be back anytime soon.

But you will. You haven't got a choice. :)

Anonymous said...

A slap on the ass may just be the validation your female co-worker desires. Spank you very much!

fadass said...

^^^ Ouch @9:28.

Seriously, it's all fun and games until it's your sister, gf or wife. Harassment ins't cool.

Anonymous said...

Most of us old-timers remember # as the ound sign. Makes it a little more interesting when you see #METOO