Check local climate panic on an overcast day OR today's excuse to push the KCMO toy train streetcar agenda that mostly supports tax subsidy for developers and luxury housing which siphons money away from neighborhoods, schools and libraries . . .

MARC: Ozone Alert issued for Thursday, May 31

SkyCast forecasts poor air quality

The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) Air Quality Program has issued an orange Ozone Alert for Thursday, May 31. This alert indicates that an unhealthy level of ground-level ozone is expected tomorrow in the Kansas City region.

More than half of all emissions that lead to ozone pollution are caused by everyday activities, such as driving or yard work. There are simple actions everyone can take to help reduce pollution on Ozone Alert days:

- Carpool. Contact friends or co-workers and share a ride to work, to the store or other appointments. RideshareKC is a program that provides commuter resources, including free carpool matching. Visit www.ridesharekc.org to learn more or sign up.

- Take public transit. Municipal bus fares on all regular routes are reduced to 75 cents on Ozone Alert days and the streetcar is always free. Plan your trip online at ridekc.org or call 816-221-0660 for transit information.

- Practice Trip Chaining. Multiple car trips equal more ozone-forming emissions. Practice trip chaining and group several errands into one outing.

- Postpone refueling your vehicle. Refueling vehicles can release harmful fumes into the air. If you must fill up, do so after 7 p.m. and stop when the pump clicks. Overfilling the tank releases more harmful gases into the air, and can result in spills or harm to your vehicle.
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  1. Public Service Announcement5/31/18, 12:27 PM

    They forgot to add avoid eating any BBQ and fast food due to the farts it creates.

  2. ^^No, only degenerates would reference that. That's way they didn't go there. You did though! Congrats on being the lowest common denominator!

  3. ^^^^if only sLIE would stop farting from eating all that bbq!

  4. ^^^..and right on cue the degenerate returns.

  5. I actually tried to sign up for carpooling. The joke was on me because I would be the only driver for the group wanting to join me in my car. Matching people's schedules with a carpool driver is like doing quantum physics. There are so many variables - took rider #1 to the babysitter first, wait for her and kid to join you; rider #2 has to work late; rider #3 is on vacation and won't be kicking in for gas. So much for that idea.


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