Judge's Son Seyz Deadly Shooting Accidental

Today's JoCo explanation amid growing violence in the suburbs. Read more:

OP shooting suspect shot victim in head for allegedly trespassing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man charged in an Overland Park shooting earlier this month told detectives he accidentally shot someone he thought was trespassing, according to court documents released Thursday. Isaac Vano, 24, faces charges of aggravated battery in a May 15 shooting in the 11800 block of Hardy Street.


  1. So he accidentally went looking a "trespasser", accidentally grabbed a loaded gun, accidentally chased down and confronted the young man, and accidentally pointed the gun at the back of victim's head??

    The finger "slipping" does not excuse the shooting as accidental. The shooter made plenty of aggressive conscience decisions for which he needs to be accountable.

  2. He’ll get off. Can’t have a judges son going to prison and getting buttfucked

  3. The victim had Huntington's disease and was confused. Now he has a severe permanent brain injury, if he even lives.

    Medical disabilities are now a death sentence in America. If the lack of insurance doesn't kill you, the armed pussies scared of their own shadows will.

    I'm only surprised OPPD didn't get there first to empty their guns.

  4. There's no reason to chase a trespasser. Once they run away, they are no longer trespassing.

  5. That is a bullshit story in an attempt to skip on the charges. I'm sure Daddy is the author of this cockamania story.

  6. At least he didn't claim self-defense like the murderer George Zimmerman.

    1. Skittles kill 11.3 million niggers a year

  7. Sounds like a lame excuse. He should have just stayed quiet, you think his dad's legal training would have at least taught him that.


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