Is KC NoVA Working In Northeast???

This community news round-up is optimistic but still offers a valuable look at urban core problems and the challenges police and neighborhoods confront. Checkit:

KC NoVA's impact on the Historic Northeast

Like many Kansas City residents, KCPD Captain Thad Seever didn't have a clear understanding of what the Kansas City No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA) was until he joined the organization as a commander a few months back. Seever had envisioned a squad of sorts, consisting mostly of police officers.


  1. Face it, he’s just trying to prove he’s worth all that money he makes.

  2. Of course it doesn’t work. Anyone who says it works is a lying cocksucker.

  3. Isn't that one of the houses Sly James and Troy Schulte promised to tear down years ago?

  4. “When we first started this initiative in the Northeast, we identified a group of eight individuals that we believed were causing the most disruption,” Seever said.

    If those eight showed up on the side of the road nearly bagged and stacked, I'd appreciate Nova's efforts a bit more.

  5. Really nice detail in this article but Summer has just started so it's easy to be optimistic.

  6. The only success NOVA has consists of pointing to Kansas City's horrific Crime Rates and saying...
    "You should see how bad it would be if we weren't working so hard. Now shut up and hand us money!"

  7. The inner city needs a good guy vigilant group. What are cement blocks and the Missouri river and The MLK bridge for ?


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