Inside The Drugstore Kansas City

Artsy tour of a new Midtown Kansas City creative class hangout with a bit of a spiritual bent . . .


"The Drugstore is a communal and collaborative studio space for artists located in Kansas City's historic Katz Drugstore. There are currently 24 residents of the space, whose work spans across all mediums. The objective of The Drugstore is to provide artists with affordable studio space, while connecting them with their peers and the neighborhood in which they work."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. I went there to buy prescriptions and they were out and I'm madd !!

    I'm calling the corporate office in the morning !!

    I been waiting decades for my medicine to arrive, that I personally placed back in 1958 over the phone when I called them and placed my order !!

    I Still don't have my meds' !!!

  2. A great space, and a remarkable project. The collegiality of the artists ups everyone's game. And I admire this particular church for not interfering or blowing their own horn. They somehow were given this asset, which was a white elephant, and they have repurposed it to great advantage to the community.

    It's hard to repurpose a big box. Look around the metro! Major cities are stuck with them and don't know what to do. Good for them.


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