Thanks for more than a few of our reader community sending this news item that's certainly worth a look . . . Better than most local reporting, this examination of cruel capitalism reminds us how taxpayers stay losing . . . Checkit: Harley-Davidson took its tax cut, closed a factory, and rewarded shareholders


  1. TKC, I know you know this but some of your readers don't and the authors of the article didn't mention it.

    It was Congressman Cleaver who helped push the tax breaks through.

  2. ^^^^Yup it sure was

  3. My name is Earl5/22/18, 8:36 PM

    Harley Retro' Hour begins here ~ !!!

    This was all seriously questioned back in the days of the announcement that Harley was coming to Kansas City, it was Questioned in the local TV News media , back when KC actually had REAL Investigative reporters , NOT fresh clueless just out of college brainless imported in from whatever city, Blonde Airhead mouth piece Shills for the news media !

    The TAX Cuts were brought up then, with much HYPE but also questioned after what SPRINT did to overland park in the 1990's, when they moved out of overland park headquarters they built and laid off hundreds , took of to the EAST COAST for another NEW Building with TAX Breaks

    ONLY a few years later too - MOVE Back to Overland park

    what a media CIRCUS it was too for those that remember the entire Fiasco of " Musical Corporate Chairs" with all the hopping around and jumping from city to city at every whim , any city offering TAX Breaks,,,,

    KCMO was assured back then that this wouldn't happen with Harley and were assured in a news conference that they'd be here for the LONG TERM , for those that even remember the news conference announcement put on by Harley officials back then.

    Listen to them now 2018 , their taking off and moving to Timbuk Two, screw you Kansas city - their now going to build cheesier , cheaper poorly manufactured Shit bikes to sell to naïve clueless dipshits who'll buy that 1/2 assed FOREIGN MADE Cheap crap - ain't it great ???

  4. Moving chess pieces on a board , make it seem like theyre doing something. End of the day, who is buying motorcycles .

  5. ^^Asians, your future masters.

  6. 7:44, I thought it was the Republicans who passed the tax cut bill they called a job creation bill.

    Does anyone know how many Indian Jobs were created by this bill?

  7. If KC had really wanted to help the city the Harley plant would have gotten tax breaks to build their plant on the east side. See, even black Demoncrats do not give a rats ass about the inner city. KC needs to be broke up along county lines into smaller more manageable areas.

  8. Harley limped into town and crawled out...... varoooom mfer.

  9. Cleaver did not support or vote for the Trump tax cut.

    Trump and the GOP scheme was the incentive to consolidate factories, move overseas (the opposite of what Trump raged against), and pay shareholders.

    Millions in the middle class are getting tax increase.

    Stabbed in the back by MAGA.

  10. Word is out nationally on the failure of the Trump tax scheme and HOG in KC.

    Checking in on Trump's promise that tax cut would bring jobs

    Last December, President Trump signed the GOP tax bill into law, touting the great volume of jobs it would bring back to America. Less than a month later, 800 workers learned they would lose their jobs as Harley-Davidson decided to close their Kansas City plant.


  11. Blaim Trump for antique motorcycles sales slump.... dummy.

  12. Hype followed by hundreds of millions of tax breaks followed by promises followed by companies relocating happens over and over again all over the country.
    A corporation is in business to make money. And that means minimizing costs and maximizing profits. It doesn't take a Harvard MBA to figure that out, even for small-town electeds.
    The more costs picked up by the taxpayers, the more for investors and corporate C-suite types.
    And when there's a better deal somewhere else, or maybe even the same deal all over again, the company will take it.
    Locally just look at the Butler garage, Populus in the River Market, Sprint, Applebees...the list is very long.
    And completely predictable.
    No doubt the taxpayers will be forced to witness the sleight-of-hand again soon right here in the metro.

  13. Again, Republican middle class voters take their $50/paycheck bump and potential year end savings of a couple grand while the wealthiest in the country cash in at six figures plus padding investment portfolios and savings or paying for college education while the rest figure out who to take their college loans through. To top it off, middle class Trump voters act as if this is a "huge Win". SMH.

  14. Nobody buying Harley's anymore is the real issue. It died off in the early to mid 2000s. No one talks about this

  15. HOG had revenues of $1.2 billion dollars last on those "slumping" sales to "nobody".

    Failing company? They are winning. Bigly.

    Trump and MAGA, not so much.


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