Here's Help In Luring Your Grandpa And His MAGA Hat To The Brookside Whole Foods!!!

Free Kombucha samples aren't going to cut it . . . Take a look at enticements beyond all the Libs flipping out over yet another place designed to help them escape white guilt for a few moments.

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10 Reasons to Explore the New Whole Foods Market in Kansas City

Years of discussion, development, and planning have finally paid off. Whole Foods Market unveiled its new store today, located a few blocks south of the Country Club Plaza. Visible from Brookside Boulevard, the gleaming store has many familiar features that the upscale market is known for and a few notable attributes that personalize the space.


  1. The best reason to go there is it will be a good place to pick up slutty Brookside married women to fuck. They’re not getting satisfied at home by their pussy husbands and they like the drama of being naughty and getting fucked by someone they don’t even know.

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  4. Looks like a duel is shaping up. No. 1 store in Killer City for hot mommies is Trader Joe's on Ward. This place is, like, epic. Some days it's wall-to-wall yoga pants, know what I"m sayin? Also college hotties, mostly the cute plump ones with tats and nose rings. And sometimes, free kombucha samples too. Wanna come over and see my quinoa?

  5. Married Brookside women are easy to fuck as long as their brats aren’t with them. Hot little sluts with trimmed pussies.

    1. That statement alone let’s me know you aren’t pulling any married women with “trimmed pussies” from brookside, you fucking clown

  6. Whole Foods the next on the boarder shop lifters amusement park.

  7. Man, do you talk to yourself all day? You have the same IP on all those posts. I don't necessarily disagree with your intentions, but sometimes you have to drop a troll and let it simmer for a while longer. Biggest problem is this story just doesn't have much interest for most (well me either for that matter).


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