Golden Ghetto Street Fight Underway

Here's a look at suburbanites attempting to push back progress and preserve their neighborhoods as uncaring urban planners plot convenient destruction . . . Which, ironically, is kinda why they moved to the burbs in the first place. Read more:

South Overland Park homeowners prepare to fight road widening project

Some Overland Park homeowners are upset with the city's plan to widen Quivira Road, between 159th and 179th.The project is part of the 2015 South Overland Park Transportation Plan. The city wants to acquire about 10 feet of right of way between 175th and 179th.


  1. Tunnel Vision Progressive5/29/18, 8:41 AM

    More of the NIMBO group. In the long run they will loose. Remember the old adage: "you cannot fight city hall." KCMO city hall is a good example of this adage.
    Team Sly disregarding the voters stance on the toy train expansion is another example and a perfect example of the Abilene Paradox.

  2. These people kill me. Buy a McMansion out in the south cow pastures and set up shop next to what's a major thoroughfare throughout the city and bitch when the city wants to widen it. Why do these idiots think there's a large greenspace between their house and the street? The developer just left that extra land out of the goodness of his heart?

    And this guys comments about the traffic volumes is misleading. I'm willing to bet Quivira is cluster f*ck on school mornings as you approach Blue Valley Southwest, and it's only going to get worse as the school grows.

    Not in my back yardism to the nth degree here.

  3. One reason for lower volume of traffic on that road is due to the shape the existing one is in. OP is on the right step here in redoing and widing that road for those who live to the south.

  4. Misery

  5. Who the fuck cares about south Overland Park? I haven't been south of 103rd street in YEARS. Why would you?

    1. Now just vow to stay east of State Line and we’ll give you a round of applause.

  6. 4:07 To avoid people like you. Low rent, drug using parasites. Nothing South Of 103 St. is for you anyway.


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