At the conclusion of the work week and a well deserved respite for so many Kansas City laborers, we want to share this local transit confrontation.

To wit . . .


Now, the uninitiated can simply call this a transit beef. However, here at TKC we are initiated and can see through the social media theatricality and deception.

Here's the rub . . .

Media consultants and administrators of the toy train streetcar are typically white-collar workers earning 6-figures from the comfort of a keyboard and they're hassling this guy just trying to do his job.

Take a look:

Thankfully, there has already been some push back including this choice quote:

"dear @kcstreetcar...real businesses (that make money unlike yours) require actual work to be done. Please take your commie tourist train somewhere else and stop bothering real hard working Americans from @usfoods who have work to do and provide for their families."

Now, to be fair, the truck is in violation of newly crafted codes pushed through by City Hall.

And let's not belabor the fact that a bus could simply maneuver around this slight obstruction.

However, what we see from this exchange is the streetcar declaring war, shaming and browbeating delivery drivers -- Working people much lower on the pay scale than the politicos, executives and consultants pushing this mode of transit on the public.

You decide . . .


  1. The streetcar keeps on doing this, I like the guy who says that maybe restaurants should relocate off the line.

    1. Call it what it is, this is harassment from the streetcar and it's not friendly to local businesses. I've seen these delivery guys work, they're quick and can be out of the street in less than 10 minutes. They've done it this way for 50 years and it's going to take a while to change things.

      Calling people out for social media and making drivers look like the bad guy is a really dumb move.

    2. Somebody said they think I'm a bot, but I'm not.

      So I'll just leave this here because it's a fact:

      OF COURSE trolley boy hates people who work for a living. They're all just servants as far as he's concerned.

    3. Pattern Recognition5/25/18, 8:00 PM

      No harm, no foul, Tony deleted my last Jameson reply post pointing out a pattern, I mean well to use TKC as a vocal platform which is much needed in this FA reducing social media climate. Everyone’s voice on here is cherished even Copro Boy who is just a nuisance.

  2. Saw where they brought some woman out talking about how the streetcar helps her crippled kid, that's a pretty low tactic and I didn't know they let disabled youth drink at P&L district?

  3. I don't think the streetcar hates working people but I do think this shows their leadership is out of touch.

  4. LOL @ pattern recognition. Thanks for noticing my comments! Agree with you about the guy obsessed with dung.

    Almost had me in a crisis of conscience there!

  5. Wow, are they really that stupid and arrogant to think the world should revolve around toy train?

    Punk ass management.

  6. I hate to think of what is going to happen when they start ticketing these delivery drivers.

  7. KC loves the streetcar5/25/18, 8:41 PM

    Hey TKC nimrods.

    How about obeying the law? You can't deny that the guy is in violation, the post even says as much. But we're being too mean to you just by pointing it out. Boo-hoo. Grow up and stop blocking traffic!

  8. Delivery drivers always have the right of way. Such a minor inconvenience to hold up the streetcar -- which IS NOT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Welcome to 'downtown/urban' living, pussies. If you can't put up with these little inconveniences then you don't belong downtown or midtown. Move back to Olathe or Blue Springs.

    All these little whiny pussies are going to ruin Kansas City, I swear! Grow a pair streetcar and downtown living associations.

  9. At the REAL Disneyland, they actually have tunnels under the streets for delivery to the various businesses.
    Of course, in the taxpayer-subsidized amusement park which is downtown KCMO, there might be the hype and make-believe, but nowhere near the imagination, creativity, and ability to execute.
    Maybe Sly and the gang should use some of that $800 million bond issue money to punch up downtown Fantasyland.
    If any of the money is left.
    And for good measure and better results, it always helps to get the east side revs involved.

  10. Really don't like that they're going after some guy working hard. They need to pick a new target and leave these people alone.

  11. 8:30 - The leadership is..... the MAYOR, and the city council douchbags who have an agenda that gets them votes to keep them rich, now "enter" the media who sells propaganda bought and paid for by your "Mayor, and City council douchbags.....any questions???? The public opinion and the public vote has the the same odds as the local casinos, polititions know you are stupid, which is why they can get by with all they do. Time to wake the fuck up Voters!!

  12. Street car is more important than any man, woman or business. Screw you KC!

  13. I feel bad for the delivery guys who have to deal with these kind of assholes. How do you think your restaurants get their produce and such for your expense account lunches? Give em a break.

  14. Imagine what Main St. will look like if the extension goes in.

  15. @8:41 must be Slie's bullhorn sounding off.
    Sad the toy train honchos think they can bully the businesses, workers and the people.
    Forgot they work for the biggest bully of all, Slie and the delivery drivers must hinder the toy train's ability to move the 25 million visitors around.

  16. The trolley is causing the traffic backups and hazards.

    1. The Streetcar is a mistake. Far too expensive.


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