Former Kansas Guv Brownback Thinks Small

Update on a local politico and his faith journey that took him through tax drama and now lower expectations as an extended part of the Prez Trump Administration. Take a look:

Brownback, no longer in Kansas, has 'big' plans as religious freedom envoy

As a senator in 1998, Sam Brownback helped push through the law that created the role of the U.S. ambassador for international religious freedom. Twenty years and a controversial governorship later, the Kansas Republican now occupies that position, which oversees the annual State Department report on atrocities, discrimination and other ills visited on people of faith overseas.


  1. As long as you're white and Christian he's all for your freedom others need not apply and can just fuck off.

  2. He created the role and now has it, wonder what he made his Salary$$
    What a waste. POS

  3. Poster boy for "Rich White Kid"


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