Everybody Hates Sprint Acquisition

Here's an unfortunate move that's going to happen and will cost the metro area THOUSANDS of jobs.

Take a look at local news trying to fight the inevitable:

Sprint/T-Mobile merger: Market skepticism meets long review process - Kansas City Business Journal

A tie-up between Sprint Corp. and T-Mobile US Inc. will face an extended regulatory process, but despite skepticism by shareholders and an extensive review process, Kansas City-area experts said the deal still might have a decent chance of passing. The $26 billion stock-for-stock merger would result in a company valued at $146 billion with about $60 billion in debt.


  1. SPRINT has SUCKED for so long, last 20 years +

  2. ^^Thanks for the 10 cent opinion. We'll file that under: who gives a fuck?

  3. ^^^^^^Same as yours

  4. Its not so much the people who are gonna lose their current jobs but the ones who are receiving a pension are gonna be fucked as well.

  5. The Sprint campus will make a great section 8 housing complex. That area needs a big dose of diversity.

  6. I don’t hate it... I actually couldn’t give two fucks less. Companies change hands and change ownership all the time, doesn’t mean shit to the little customer like us. If Sprint isn’t here anymore, it just means they’ll be bringing in fewer [educated] brown people from countries I don’t ever want to go to.


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