Sunday, May 13, 2018

EPIC Rock Chalk Sports Payout

Here's this town's favorite college offering BIG BUCKS to administrators of the sports teams whilst players still suffer under the illusion that this university moneymaker is anything but "amateur" and nothing less than a corrupt biz profiting from free labor.

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Administrative salaries jumped by 42 percent in a single year at Kansas Athletics; KU salaries top K-State's

The year of the big deal for the Big 12 conference was 2012. The year for big paychecks at Kansas Athletics Inc. came right after it with administration salaries increasing by $6 million - or 42 percent - in a single year, a review by the Journal-World has found.


Anonymous said...

this ridiculous over-paying of academic bureaucrats is happening nationwide.

in light of this and the out-of-control social side of ku, one would have to wonder if the board of regents is considered an honorary position.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but "you get what you pay for" - well, except at KU.

Anonymous said...

Guess KU is giving Muhzoo some competition as the region's most disgusting university.