Disgraced Guv Greitens Touts Navy SEAL Training In Refusal To Resign And Despite Hateration From Many Former Colleagues

Credit where it's due . . . If the Guv is anything, he's persistent. Meanwhile, criticism of former Navy SEALs who worked with the Guv are starting to reemerge.

For now, final word goes to the Guv:

Missouri governor Greitens cites Navy SEAL training while refusing to quit

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) cited his training as a Navy SEAL on Thursday in refusing to step down from office despite criminal allegations and possible impeachment proceedings against him.


  1. Sure Greitens lied to his wife. But why is that important?
    He would never lie to you!

  2. Thought he quit the Navy.

  3. People have been bitching about the cost of his lawyers, maybe we should find out how much the prosecutors spent on this witch hunt while we’re at it. I think he did the right thing to protect himself from crooked idiots that bailed at crunch time because they had no evidence

  4. SEAL Training: (as Greitens sees it)

    I am the only important one!
    I can say or do anything I want!
    I don't care who gets hurt by my actions!
    I don't have to keep any oaths or promises!
    I am the victim in any circumstances!
    I have the right to leave a path of destruction in my wake!
    I don't give a shit!

    Ay, Caramba!

  5. SEAL response:

    Don't blame us, training to be an asshole isn't part of our program. He picked that up on his own.

  6. Navy Seal Team 6 killed a Green Beret not long ago, because he was honest & they were thieves.

  7. Top Lines most likely uttered in Eric’s house:

    1. Greitens: I am untouchable.
    2. Sheena- Bettergo back to your hairdresser then. I am not touching you.
    3. For gosh sake Eric- Go Daddy is not refunding your dark money for www.ericgreitensforpresident.com
    4. Sheena: where did all the Ductape go Eric?
    5. Sheena: I do not have the same views politically as my husband! Unless it’s Tuesday and he changed them again
    6. Sheena: Eric- change that book title to The Heart and the Fisting
    7. Eric- No you can’t “like” a DJ on FB.
    8. Eric- don’t let the kids watch the news or read any paper... and did you take them to their “Bullying acceptance class”?
    9. Sheena- why do I hate him like 70% of Missourians so already do

  8. 5:12 P.M. - dang, throw this mess of a Seal alumni in there and it's been a bad last year for the Seals.


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