Thursday, May 17, 2018


Here's the excuse for skipping a busy intersection and urban core business and one of the busiest sections of Midtown:

"Changes to the 3.5-mile route along Main Street include shifting one of the proposed stops at Linwood Boulevard to 31st Street. While both stops were highly recommended due to the amount of new residential and retail activity in the area, a stop at 31st would link the streetcar to an existing bus route."

Read more for those with a subscription or can surf incognito:

Here are the 8 stops for KC's Main Street streetcar extension - Kansas City Business Journal

The final stop locations along the Kansas City streetcar's proposed expansion from Union Station to the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Volker Campus were revealed Thursday. There were few tweaks from the eight proposed stops revealed by the KC streetcar project team last month.


Anonymous said...

They should run a route down Prospect, that would be worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Slie does not want it to stop anywhere to hurt the already damaged image of the toy train or trigger the 25 million visitors.

Anonymous said...

^^^Lame. Third grade work. This has been done already, if you can’t be original, be gone!

Anonymous said...

^^^^Lame. Third-grade work. If you can’t be original, be gone!

Anonymous said...

Tony, please stop linking to KC Biz Journal, we can't read it without subscribing. Even via Incognito. (Same with Shawnee Mission Post.)So you waste our time.

the list IS on the STAR website. I got my annual web sub there for $20 for entire year. That special is available during elections, vs. $12.99 per month.

And here is the email from developer Bob Frye at Union Hill. Stop was added at 31st St. Always should have been--that's where the bus line connects. Still one is at 27th St, "for the Federal Reserve" which is stupid. Nobody goes there, and Crown Center rich condos can use Union Stn. stop.

What a waste of lobbying time, or some suspect, quiet payoffs to the council and planners, just to get them to do the right thing. Union Hill residents had GREATLY supported the expanded streetcar line, and since they are within 300 feet of the line, will be stuck paying higher property taxes AND FEES for 30 years, only to be left off the list at first. Even non-profits and churches are tagged with those higher fees.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robert L. Frye
Date: Thu, May 17, 2018 at 1:48 PM
Subject: Streetcar Stop Moved to 31st Street!
To: "Robert L. Frye"

We have just received word that the planners for the Streetcar extension are now recommending 31st Street as a stop location.

This was a great collaborative effort between:

The Union Hill Special Business District board (Jon McGraw, Bill Norton, Jim Edson, Nick Page, Kevin Fewell, Kathy Burke).
Our nonprofit neighbors and their board members (with particular thanks going to Ability KC).
MainCor (Diane Burnett).
All of the homeowners, apartment residents and business owners that signed petitions, gathered petitions, made calls and sent letters.
The Union Hill developer.

This demonstrates the power of working together to improve Union Hill and surrounding areas.

As the first of many steps, we will all need to stay diligent to ensure that the best design is achieved for Union Hill, Main Street and the Streetcar itself.

Thank You,


Tracy Thomas said...

Well well well. If the street car don't stop at Linwood Blvd, I guess that means they won't be renaming it Martin Luther King Blvd!!!

I'm for renaming KCI. How can Sly object to that? And so fitting, because just like Trump expecting to win a Nobel Prize, Sly James wants and expects the new KCI to be named after himself.

Rock Paper MLK!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they have plenty of bondo and tape to cover the bullet holes that’s gonna get shot in it!

Anonymous said...

Tracy's on fire!!! Great point.

Anonymous said...

So’s her hair. Looks sorta like Ronald McDonald’s wife.

Anonymous said...

How about we rename Tracy "Redheaded Trailer Trash" since she is all for changing the names on things.

Not such a cool idea now is it Tracy?

Anonymous said...

6:10 That isn't the only issue you can't comment on any of the SMP pages at all because the owner can't stand anyone pointing out the truth or the common sense side on issues. I went to school with that fool and trust me he is a letter short of having a full keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense because that stop is right where sLIE lives, there’s always a catch isn’t there, he’s too fat and drunk to walk any further

Anonymous said...

Tracy's on fire!

I wish.

Anonymous said...

Now, just so we understand, this is the extension the majority of the city voted against. Right? Right.

Anonymous said...

Tracy did you move back to Mo? If not STFU

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, while the City spends millions on consultants, planning and the ultimate toy train to UMKC, the Max bus is taking people from City Market to Waldo for $1.50 per passenger, seven days a week. And we need a slow-moving, no faster Streetcar because?

Anonymous said...

Tracy can live in Timbuktu and talk about anything she wants to, so YOU STFU, MF.