Dead-Tree Media Blogs Demand List For Missouri Guv Greitens Removal

The news paper turns into a full-on blog with with this snappy listicle attempting to sway opinion of their last remaining subscribers. Read more: The top five reasons Missouri lawmakers must impeach Gov. Eric Greitens


  1. The who wrote an article?

    I didn’t know writing by a has been paper, stooping this low to.print lies could be anything other than sensationalism.

    The people who still buy the paper should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this kind of nonsense.

    There still is a little thing called “the truth” and I hope he sues them.

  2. They sure left out a lot of other stuff.
    Confide is coming and will determine many things.
    Remember all of his political supporters so you can make voting decisions and hold them accountable at the ballot box.

  3. Conservatives like him because he's an asshole.

  4. As a left wing liberal commie kale eating Volvo driving tea leaf reading free money for all - I sure hope he stays.
    He has done to the Republican Party what we could never do.
    Stay in and fight Eric! Make Sheena sign non-disclosures so she can say she did. Get more dark money! Please continue to deny! Make friends with Blagojevich! Do what is necessary to keep Confide away! Home school your kids so they never find out about all of this.
    Please press on even if convicted... please run for President- keep your head up high and deny everything and spend all of your fortune on attorney fees to fight this! Tell Sheena she will be First Lady some day! If your mirror runs away- keep buying new ones!

  5. ^^^^^^How about you go away and take the Star with you.

  6. Hope this incestuous little Republican catfight drags out until September, and then collapses.

    By then the Missouri voters should be so sick of the Greedy Old Perverts shenanigans that they sweep them under the rug so we can get things wrenched out of the hands of the Kemper/Sinquefield/Koch combine and start the State moving again.

    Plenty of time to impeach this buttwipe after the 2018 elections, and that gives Democrats an issue to finish wiping the Republicant's out.


  7. Butthurt sore loser Democrat snowflakes still looking to scam duly elected Republicans out of office.

  8. a waste of money a specical session when the worst he has done get some pussy on the side 99 % of what these lawmakers havent done male or female black or whites

    It isn't Democrats leading the drive to impeach this lying piece if crap, it's his own Party!

    They have this clown hung around their necks and they know that he's going to be the central issue in the next Election n Missouri, so they're desperate to get him out of the way!

  10. for those who want greitens gone, it's possible that the bad publicity is helping him play the victim and keeping him in.

  11. 11:32 there’s just a couple republicans after him, the rest have either shied away from it or have had very minimal to say about it. It will be difficult to get him out when all the charges have been dropped. Makes me wonder how much this witch hunt cost, the prosecutor has probably spent more money trying fake charges and I can’t blame the guv for sticking it out. I would say this about any party too. If you can’t win on your own merits.......

  12. Republicans have not recanted their asking him to resign... in fact they have doubled down.
    The commission to impeach knows he won’t resign so all energy is to rid the Gov.
    They have been strong armed from the get-go by the Ductape gov- his words have inflamed and his brand of PR has brought his own party togetherand United them to impeach... you will not hear any more calls for him to resign as it’s redundant.
    Josh and other powerful Republicans are doing their job and will.
    In the meanwhile- the liberals snicker and laugh as McCaskill builds off of this. Greitens doesn’t care about collateral damage and we sure hope he continues to go broke fighting this.

  13. The Invasion of Privacy charge is dead as Abe Lincoln. Gardner rushed to file that case to beat the March 21 2018 statute of limitations, then dismissed it. She bet the farm on a losing hand and lost.

    The Tampering With Computer Data charge is based on Greitens allegedly disclosing the donor list of The Mission Continues to his political fundraiser in 2015 without the permission of the St. Louis-based veterans’ charity HE founded. The odds of a conviction are so remote that any other prosecutor would NOT have filed it against a felon with multiple convictions.

    Greitens is a cad. His effectiveness to govern has been compromised. His personal indiscretions have insured he will never see a second term. But the criminal charges leading to his demise are a political hit job, plain and simple, by a prosecutor blinded by political animosity and a sitting AG, of Greitens' own party, who has thrown Greitens under the bus for the 7000 votes in might produce in his run against Claire McCaskill.

    The Hawley vs McCaskill race has become nothing more than voting for the skunk you believe stinks just a little less than the other one.

  14. Lil Erick looks sleepy.


    The only attribution given was, "By The Kansas City Star Editorial Board."

    Well folks, I believe there are 7 people sitting on the editorial board, and so we're led to believe that the opinions offered in this piece were unanimously held by all seven members.

    A reasonable person would therefore surmise that the editorial board:
    1) is an echo chamber of politically like-minded people, in stark contrast to their public exclamations of offering differing viewpoints
    2) or, the board is incapable of holding themselves to the same standard which the paper demands of "Letters To The Editor" submissions, namely that all letters submitted must identify the writer's name, city, and phone number. Do as I say, not as I do?

    The top five reasons Colleen McCain Nelson must resign or be fired:
    1) She violated her promise to diversify the exclusive stranglehold of Democratic Party talking points proffered by the editorial board.
    2) McCain Nelson is herself a compromised journalist working on behalf of the Democratic Party. WikiLeaks exposed her collusion with the likes of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta in the 2016 election.
    3) Low IQ
    4) Retains a schoolgirl affectation when speaking in public.
    5) Insists on mispronouncing her own first name "Colleen" because she's a UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE.

  16. yeah, that reform in the newspaper's approach never panned out. just more marketing.

  17. ...kind of like Gretens not using dark money.... or hiring Lobbyists... or being a family values man...or not exploiting the Seals (see NY Times article where Greitens’ Seal teammates say so)... or the list just goes on and on.

  18. And your an idiot for believing anything the socialist red star or the rag paper ny times has to say, do us all a favor and make sure you finish your high school education three years from now.

  19. @5:40, when you get to Third grade in school you will learn that "your" means something belonging to the person you are speaking to, and "you are" becomes the contraction "you're".
    Keep at it though, it would be a shame to waste the nineteen years you spent getting through the First and Second grades.

  20. Spell check changed it so shut up grammar queen

  21. 6:58 waits all his life to bust people with the one thing he learned in school!!!

  22. I did also manage to pick up the fact that only a buttmunch uses four (4) quotation marks!

    Quit blaming spell check for your screwed up thinking, termite!

  23. Greitens’ approval just under 40% now.
    We need to get this up so he doesn’t quit.
    He is doing to Republicans what liberals could never do.
    Let’s drag this out another year or two.
    Everyone tell Sheena she is the next First Lady...

  24. You don't need a newspaper.

    Newspapers are only for adult cities,


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