Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Credit Where It's Due: Claycomo Ford Plan Will Restart This Week After Congressman Cleaver Lobbied Ford To Avoid Temporary Layoffs

Missourinet gives credit to Kansas City's top ranking Congressman: The Ford F-150 truck which is assembled at the Claycomo plant has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for well over 30 years. Cleaver said the pickup truck’s popularity creates an advantage for the Kansas City area factory.

“We don’t want them manufactured or assembled any other place,” Cleaver said. “We want it done right here in Kansas City. It creates some uniqueness for us.”

The idled workers are scheduled to begin shifts at the Claycomo plant Friday morning at 6 a.m.

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Ford F-150 Production Could Resume Friday | Ford Authority

Production of the Ford F-150 pickup truck, which was halted at the automaker's Dearborn Truck and Kansas City Assembly plants after supplier Meridian Magnesium Products experienced a plant fire, could resume as soon as this Friday, sources have told Automotive News .


Anonymous said...

Had nothing to do with Cleaver. Ford announced this 2 days before hand.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wrong.

Cleaver fought for KC jobs.

What have you done for KC?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Cleaver wrote a letter like he always does pretending he actually did something. What have you done for KC?

Anonymous said...

^^Well guess what shit-for-brains, Cleaver's words carry more importance than yours. So how about until your worthless and complaining ass does somrthing instead of complain, how about you just go the fuck away? How about that?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the best selling truck made in America was just going to close down production without Cleavage's letter. Give me a break what dumb thing to think to believe.

Anonymous said...

^^It may be the best selling truck in America, but it doesn't have to be made here. What a stupid statement you made.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Carwash claims credit for dog's tail wagging.

Due to a fire, there was a supplier parts shortage (see just-in-time manufacturing delivery).

Carwash was lobbying for Ford to resume F-150 assembly before they had all the required parts available. Can you say "The Dysfunctional Cleaver Method"?

Anonymous said...

I read the congressman's letter and I can truthfully say it had absolutely no impact on Ford restarting the line. Ford never did want the line to stop. A parts supplier that should have had a back up plan did not have one. The line ran out of parts and the supplier had to jump through hoops (not Hoopz) to get the parts to the two idle Ford plants.
Again Congressman Cleavers letter did nothing to resolve this situation. Based on USPS delivery times it probably will be delivered on Friday
This is a non story.

Anonymous said...

Such hostility, carat boy! All of the anger that you have bottled up, too scared and impotent to relate to others in real life. So sad. For you, I mean. For me it's amusing.

Anyway, all of us should, and will complain about useless public officials. Regardless of how many bitter, mean little sad posts you'd like to make.

But then you already know what powerless rage is like. I mean, obviously. ;)

Anonymous said...

^^You sound obsessed. You should seek help.

Carwash Man said...

How Funny !!

Clever Letter had nothing to do with FORD starting back up, hell it was announced long before Clever ever sent that letter

only naïve clueless uneducated dipshits would actually believe that crap , typical of Degenerate commie leftist Liberals !

Anonymous said...


Barney Frank said...

Maybe he offered detail services to all those shiny f 150s