Checking The Kansas City Midweek Morning

Lots to cover for the midweek including a lot of local links and gender politics impacting the lingerie game. Take a look:

Local Fanboy Hero

How Kansas City native David Cone became the stat-nerd king...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There is something about David Cone. One old friend calls it a "subterranean charisma." His broadcast partner Michael Kay refers to it as "nerd sensibilities." You might understand it best when Cone, the former major-league starter and Kansas City native, dives into a discussion about xFIP or WAR or launch angle during a Yankees broadcast on the YES Network.

Golden Ghetto Summer Prep

Johnson County pools prep for Memorial Day after getting late start

OLATHE, Kan. -- Some Johnson County pools are in a time crunch after getting a late start in the process of reopening for the summer. With only a few days until Memorial Day weekend, city pools like Black Bob Bay are working hard to be ready by opening day.

Meth Town Consumer Alert

Metro tow company illegally running wrecks won't give Independence man his car back

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- April 17 was a very bad day for David Ho. First his Lexus was rear-ended in Kansas City. Then a tow truck showed up. That's when Ho's very bad day suddenly got a whole lot worse.

More Local Booze News

Tap List | Martin City Mission Farms Opens This Week

Pizza and beer is back at Mission Farms. Martin City Mission Farms (4000 Indian Creek Parkway, Overland Park, Kansas) opens Wednesday, May 23, in the former Pizzabella space. "We made it work in the corner of the universe in Martin City, and we hope we can make it work here," co-owner Matt Moore said.

20-Something Rewrites Hottie Panty Game

What It's Like to Be a Genderqueer Lingerie Model

Photos by Laurence Philomene/Kayleigh Peddie Lingerie This article originally appeared on VICE Canada . Rhiannon Collett is a nonbinary writer/performer splitting their time between Montreal and Toronto. Their work deals with themes of sex, identity, and belonging. Collett is constantly questioning the prescribed notions of normalcy-pushing both buttons and boundaries-while trying to figure out how we all interact in day-to-day life.

Passenger | Hell Or High Water is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Three or four weeks in the Jackson County Jail might convince the Tow Company Owner to change his mind.

    Lock his ass up while the theft of that Lexus by the tow company is under investigation, Benfer is obviously a "flight risk".

  2. "Hawley’s office said it was “mediating multiple complaints” against 24/7, but wouldn’t tell us anything else it was doing to protect Missouri consumers."

    That means they're negotiating 24/7's contribution to Hawley's senate race.


  3. Mission Farms???? Is there such thing as Plaza Farms???? If so I worked there and I live in Hyde Park I'm the big time around here!

  4. Tow truck drivers can be real scum.

  5. ^^^^^Their hot what?

  6. ^^Ha! I see what you did there. @11:37 doesn't, but I do!

  7. So how do you fuck that gender queer non binary thing? Looks like a chick to me.

  8. Wtf IS genderqueer? Aren’t we just making up words at this point?

  9. Channel four's site is toxic to my PC


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