Check This KCMO Old Po-Po House

Wayback Wednesday local reporting remembers a glorious time in this town's past when police could afford the biggest house on a prestigious, high-profile block. Take a look:

North Hyde Park block was home to early Kansas City police officer

Like many neighborhoods in Kansas City, the large homes on this North Hyde Park block (from Charlotte to Campbell between 33 rd and 34 th) suited the extended families, servants and boarders who lived there at the turn of the 20 th century.


  1. I wonder how many chicks got fucked in that old house back in the day. Now mostly queers live in that neighborhood.


  2. Hyde Park is fast becoming the way it was back in the 70's just a real bad place to live. The problem is not just crime in the neighborhood, but also the residents that live there. More residents don't take care of their houses, and if someone comes in to fix up a house they are treated as a criminal, they will even start rumors and attack your character, they have even gone as far as to tell you to leave you're not welcome there.

    If you are a conservative don't go to the homes tour in Hyde Park they don't want you there. That comes from some of the home owners in the area.

  3. ^^Well thanks for that Gladys Kravitz. Most sane people don't want those pesky hipochristin, sexual deviant, fiscally-stupid, conservatives around anywhere.


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