Celebrate Brilliant Kansas City Asphalt???

Future tech that most sections of the urban core and outskirts of town will never enjoy. Take a look:

Kansas City start-up developing smart pavement technology

Integrated Roadways, a Kansas City technology start-up, is developing "smart pavement" technology that would not only help increase roadway safety but also serve as the Wi-Fi platform for cars and other future mobility services. The road system uses high-resolution fiber optic sensors and other technologies inside the pavement to detect vehicle position in real time as well as roadway conditions.


  1. Orphan of the Road5/23/18, 7:46 AM

    If you take a drive on Hardesty from 63rd St you will see asphalt curb from 1970. The only damage is from the day the asphalt was placed.

    Compared to the rest of KCMO they have held up great.

  2. ^^You must live a really sad existence.

  3. 7:46 didn’t the city just replace all the curbs and sidewalks two years ago?


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