Blogging Kansas City Green Burials

Great insights on the endgame for Kansas City's top faith blogger. Take a look:

When our cemeteries fill up, then what? 5-23-18

Recently here on the blog I wrote about "green burials" to let you know about the publication of a new book on that subject. Today I want to expand on that by telling you about what some Iowa State University...


  1. Bill loves to talk about funerals.

    Maybe that is why he let that little atheist run loose on his comments...before he had to shut them down...and threaten Christians up one side and down the other.

    Shut up Bill.

    If not for Tony, no one would read your blog. The Star even quit carrying your column.

  2. There's a lot of front yards and back yards around the metro.

  3. Bill must be cramming for his final.

  4. @6:17AM-You were born a loser. A complainer, your envy of Bill is legendary. You are also boring as shit. Some advice, better yourself. Quit looking to others to fill the empty void in your head and heart. Go find a life. Bill has his and apparently your life. Go be better!

  5. ^^^ Take some of your own medicine.


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