Tuesday, May 15, 2018


The fight over the political fate of Guv Greitens is far from finished and for now we're featuring a slew of newsies pretending to know what happens next.

The takeaway from this scandal is fun because it not only erodes public faith in prosecutors but also reveals deep divisions within the Republican Party that were blamed on some faraway Euro-boogeyman but really have more to do with the "Good ol' boy" network that runs Missouri for corporations.

Check our link lineup that's more informative that talking heads talking ethics in between press releases disguised as news:

The Beat Goes On

Missouri lawmakers push Greitens probe after invasion-of-privacy charge dropped

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens no longer faces a felony charge stemming from an extramarital affair, but a legislative panel signaled Tuesday that it's pushing forward with its own expanded investigation into a variety of allegations against the Republican governor.

Kansas City Dead-Tree Moralizing

The death of shame: Gov. Eric Greitens should be more than sorry for his moral failures

The latest twist in Gov. Eric Greitens' scandals has left Missourians reeling, trying to sort out who has done what, to whom, when and how. Many of the facts remain in dispute - the dismissal of the invasion of privacy charge doesn't change that.

Tough Talk Against STL

Eric Greitens' Team Pushes For Inquiry Into Prosecutor Who Charged Him

Attorneys for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens are pushing for a police investigation into the prosecutor's office for alleged misconduct during her handling the governor's felony invasion of privacy case, The Associated Press reported on Tuesday. St.

Latest Misdeed Inquiry

Greitens may have hidden campaign donations through 'shell companies,' says House committee

The committee investigating Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens released two emails this morning, one that suggests he might have tried to hide some campaign donations. However, Greitens' use of outside groups to not identify some donors has been known publicly for at least two years. He previously had defended the practice as necessary to protect donors.

Hint: More Court Battles

What's next for Gov. Eric Greitens?

ST. LOUIS - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens declared victory as prosecutors abruptly dropped a felony invasion-of-privacy charge alleging he had taken a revealing photo of a woman with whom he has acknowledged having an affair. The St. Louis circuit attorney's office said it still plans to pursue the case, either through a special prosecutor or an appointed assistant.

Reax To Empty Threat

Lawyer: Investigator of Greitens a 'scapegoat'

An attorney for an investigator under fire in the now-dismissed criminal case against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens says his client is being used as a "scapegoat." Attorney Jermaine Wooten said Tuesday that private investigator William Tisaby did nothing wrong. Greitens' lawyers claim the St.

Round Deuce Coming Soon???

Yes, the scandal-plagued Missouri governor still could be impeached sometime soon

On Monday afternoon, prosecutors in the invasion of privacy case against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens suddenly dropped it. It was the latest in a series of wild developments surrounding Greitens, a Republican who is charged with blackmailing a woman with whom he had an affair. (Greitens admits the affair but denies any legal wrongdoing.)

Developing . . .


Nuff said...

The gubernatorial penis has triumphed!

Anonymous said...

My man has done it!

Take that you crybaby loser dummocrats! Lmao!

Anonymous said...

Another political hitjob failed...

Anonymous said...

Democrat witch hunt unraveling.

Anonymous said...

The "good ole boys", just handed a THIRD TERM to mccaskill. She's gonna kick Hawley electoral ass. Good luck getting the Deplorables to the polls.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^Stupid, you listen to the likes of Tracy to much

Anonymous said...

Far from over.
Some think about 12 impracticable offenses remain.
Lowest rated approval ever.
Tracy is still right.
Won’t be here in 6 months.
Will be broke.
Supporters or dark money exposed.
While charity expose the most worrisome- biggest yet to come- lots of money and power on other side going to Confide expose.
Great entertainment and hope it all continues- fascinating movie from Hollywood material and will be great to see Greitens family play themselves... hope it continues for years.

Anonymous said...

IHopeIHopeIHope he hangs around till 2020, with the Republiturds getting more and more imbued with his stench every day, so every one of them has to beg, squirm, grovel before their Evangelical stooges, and still LOSE each election.

Maybe then the voters of Missouri will put people in office that care about the State.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Keep hoping. Might want to pray to Kim Gardner also.

Anonymous said...

63 million voters showed up to elect Trump. Remember? :)

Anonymous said...

^^^ 66 million voted to elect Clinton. Remember :(