Lets' not forget, in 2017 voters passed a measure requiring a CITYWIDE vote before extending the streetcar. 51.3 percent of Kansas City voters approved.

Nevertheless . . .


Sadly, local media have refused to challenge this scheme and instead tout an upcoming music festival.

KC Streetcar Authority announces summer music series lineup

Mainstream news also doesn't report that the local bands get about $300-a-pop for their performances proving that the toy train is a just a prop for alleged 25 MILLION Kansas City visitors every year.

To be fair, the line-up seems fun and diverse.

Here's a sneak peek:

July 18 on board the streetcar, Martha Haehl, Karen Hendricks & Roberta VonFange (folk, rock & roll, gospel)
July 18, 5:30 – 7:30pm Hammerhedd (heavy metal inspired)
July 25, 5:30 – 7:30pm, KC Rumba Collective (Afro-Cuban drum)
Aug. 1, The Center State (folk Americana)
Aug. 8 on board the streetcar, Mundo Nouvo (Afro-Caribbean)
Aug. 15 on board the streetcar, Pink Royal (soulful pop)
Aug. 22, They Call Me Sauce (hip-hop)
Aug. 29 on board the streetcar, Noah Davis (soul, r&b, British rock)

Whilst Westport biz fights this transit effort and warns about deadly Midtown violence along this proposed line, there really is not stopping this taxpayer subsidized promotional effort that's probably even more peppy than the music board Titanic as it sank.

Meanwhile, our blog community notes that there have been increasing shut downs & a few violent hobo dust-ups aboard this controversial mode of transit.

Nevertheless, Kansas City news reports good times rather than the very real debate about gerrymandering and the subversion of local Democracy.

You decide . . .


  1. Generally extending the streetcar is a good idea. Not sure if complaining about voter suppression is right because even the highest turnout votes in KC don't even bring 20 percent of all registered voters to the ballot.

    1. KC Northlander5/15/18, 6:56 PM

      ^^^ That's pretty bleak.

      As for the streetcar vote, just a way to shut the northland out of the decision. Across the bridge bus service is abysmal. There really is no public transportation out here but instead of keeping existing buses secure or providing better routes, there's this development scheme. Really a shame.

    2. Where's the public funding for the line? I thought the feds were going to pick up the slack. Or was that just another promise that didn't happen?

  2. ^^^^ shut up slie

  3. And the bums played on!!!

  4. Again, I don't think your readers understand how the vote works.

    The process was started before the 2017 vote and that's why the election continues to move forward. Also, the streetcar critics included an unconstitutional clause in their legislation that was struck down. The fines against the streetcar were thrown by a judge. I suspect that probably negates all of the election.

    TDD voting is a process used commonly across Missouri and it has seen success and greater revenue for Downtown.

    It's obvious the people who live within the district want the streetcar, we should guarantee that those votes count!

    1. Well, Go4KC, TKC intelligencia doesn't seem to realize the election are conducted legally according to state law - but all they have as a retort is to call it "rigged."

      Which it isn't.

      They're idiots, yes, because they're TOTALLY POWERLESS to change the law!!! It just can't be done!!! But whining and bitching costs nothing!

  5. ^^^ paid for by Sly.

  6. This is an issue the next Mayor of KC needs to answer before the election.

    Are you going to go through with this voter fraud scheme or hold a REAL election on the fate of the streetcar?

    We can already see that Jolie would just keep these smaller votes with a predetermined outcome.

    But hopefully there is a candidate out there who shows some common sense on the issue and won't just cater to the small mob of streetcar supporters. Why would anyone not want the entire city to support the streetcar line? It seems like doing it any other way is very dubious.

  7. Go4kc, when’s the rest of the city gonna get fixed? You do know there is a city outside the downtown loop of hard working taxpayers that want things too, right?

    sLIE lied to us

  8. You obviously aren't looking around!

    Look at the remarkable progress we've made Downtown. KC just approved Go bonds and we're already starting on sidewalk improvements.

    KC has incredible momentum. Why detract from our progress? The streetcar extension would undoubtedly help all of the business and neighbors enjoy the same kind of progress Downtown is making.

    Go 4 KC!

    1. Yea ive seen the sidewalks and road between Meyer and Gregory and its laughable...lets fix roads and sidewalks in neighborhoods where half the damn houses are abandoned.. stick your momentum up your ass Hernandez

    2. Go4KC = Cultural appropriation and transplant from Witchita, KS. I guess anything is better than Witchita but you dont have to be such a blowhard. People deserve to be heard,even the opposition. The streetcar is a bad idea. I dont support it but it doesnt mean that others opinions dont matter, too. Momentum means a lot of different things that has nothing to do with the streetcar. Try decaf next time.

    3. $ 500,000 for bicycle lanes on Armour Blvd. Now that's progress

  9. Will Kansas CITY BE BANKRUPT IN THE YEAR 2025. ???

  10. It would be nice if they would expand the sidewalks into my neighborhood. We've been politely waiting since 1950. More and more of us Northlanders will not vote for anything coming out of City Hall until we get a little something something. Don't tell me about all the great things you've done for the new neighborhoods, we want things that we have paid into for years

  11. Who is going to play music for the 24,500,991 passerbys (visitors) cruising along on I-70 and I-35?

  12. Go4kc, I’ve seen your sidewalk improvements and they are a joke so far, have you noticed the wonderful ada ramps under the 435 bridge on Eastwood trafficway? Beautiful aren’t they, did the idiot that had those put in realize they’re no sidewalks on Eastwood trafficway, the incompetence is remarkable. God I hope something that makes sense happens with all that money.

    Your momentum Is astounding....... downtown, everybody else gets screwed as usual

  13. I support the current streetcar route, it's not much but a pretty fun time.

    But I have to admit that the manner in which the new line has been pushed forward is questionable at best and wouldn't stand up to any scrutiny. Luckily, what we've seen is that federal funding for the project has run out.

  14. 7:39 can you name something momentum wise outside of your standard “remarkable momentum downtown” b.s.?

    Speaking of which, we are sick and tired of hearing how great downtown is, the rest of the city is tired of sacrificing for “downtown”

    When will something be done for the rest of the city?

  15. 9:28 you do realize that when the next 3.7 miles of toy train gets built we will have a total of 5.9 miles for around 400 million dollars right?

    That’s 67 million a mile, only in killa shitty does our incompetent drunk mayor agree to such a rediculously bad deal.

  16. Go4KC you're just lucky, it appears Super Dave wasn't around tonight to give you another trimming and point you out for the liar and scam artist you are.

  17. What does Jolie Justus ex wife think?

  18. ^^She thinks you're a fucking idiot.

  19. The controversy surrounding the safety of walking from the proposed 39th street stop to Westport was just proven to be false. The shooting in the parking lot across from the Uptown theatre is closer to the proposed street car than Westport is.


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